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13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for a Wild Entry Into Your Teens

13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas
Turning 13, but tongue-tied on how to celebrate? Take a whack of the following post, and welcome teenage with arms wide open.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
I didn't do anything. Dismally, I realized the significance of celebrating thirteenth birthday only after forging ahead of teenage, embarking upon the twenties. At heart, I was just a kid, but what the heck? I was standing right at the doorsteps of teenage! That said, aging may or may not be something worth celebrating, but turning 13 definitely is. After all, kids budge from being just kids to respectable mini-adults, don't they? If you were to ask me casually, what would be one of the most exciting birthday party ideas for 13 year olds, I'd say, gather your closest friends at your place, cut cake, gorge upon junk, play games, and sleep late. Ideal? It sounds interesting! Latch onto some more exciting party ideas for your 13th birthday, which are everything but usual. God, look at your enthusiasm!
13th Birthday Party Ideas
Hmm, so you're 13, and so, some killer enjoyment ought to happen on the big day. Oh please, move over those boring school trip funfairs, aquarium visits, and recreational activities. It's your birthday. Let you be the one to choose. What follows below is what I could take out from my kitty of 13th birthday party ideas. I'm sure you'll love them!
T.H.I.R.T.E.E.N. How about spending the entire day revolving around the number '13'? Something like, 13 things to do on your 13th birthday? Throw a party at your place, and keep a theme that associates itself with the number 13. What's more, sing along 13 rocking karaokes with your buddies every once in a while. Click unusually funny photos with 13 people each. Want to keep it simple? Why not make 13 strangers smile on a day that is yours? That sounds sweet, and mature too. After all, you're no more a kid!
birthday cake
Adrenaline, and Loads of It. Why not just go crazy doing adventurous stuff? Go hiking, para-sailing, scuba-diving with family and friends? Well, it is scary. But who cares? You're turning 13, after all. You won't get this day back ever again. An experience of total adrenaline rush will stay with you for a lifetime. Indeed, one of the most adventurous party ideas for boys, don't you agree?
family parasailing
A Party with Your Personal DJ. How about calling all your class-mates, and tapping feet with them on the day that's more than special to you? Well, call for a disco jockey who plays only your favorite songs, while you are grooving, high on music. Ask mum to cook your favorite food, in surplus. Dance the night away. Ahaan! Now that's something I'm looking forward to!
birthday party dance
He Plays Harry Potter, She Plays Bella Swan. How about a special wizard party theme for the new teenagers? Don't let any of your friends enter the party venue without being dressed as a supernatural creature. Party themes set the mood like no other. You'll enjoy watching your friends dressing up as Edward Cullen or Harry Potter, won't you? Well, I just mentioned dresses and loads of make-up. Does that make for one of the best party ideas for girls?
Keep it Simple, Kid. So, neither you are a party freak, nor are you an adrenaline junkie. Actually, you aren't a junkie at all. Well, in that case, I'd suggest you to go out on a beautiful dinner with your family, in a calm and beautiful restaurant. Dress at your best. Eat your favorite dinner. Let your parents make you feel special. Nothing would be more enjoyable than spending time with your family. I think we reach accord here, don't we?
birthday girl
It's your call. 13th birthday might just be another birthday for some, while it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some to celebrate. On a serious note, if asked what would be the perfect birthday party idea for the day you turn 13, I'd say, go out, and make a kid smile. Gift chocolates and eatables to those children of your age, you see everyday but are not familiar. Spend some time with them. You may be too young to realize the contentment it gives, but then, when you grow up, and you'll recall your 13th birthday, you'll witness one of those rarest moments in life; tears and smile, at the same time.