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15th Birthday Party Games

Aparna Jadhav Mar 14, 2019
Birthday parties are enjoyed only if there are games and activities! Here are some 15th birthday party game options, so take your picks.
When a boy or girl turns 15 years old, it is known to be a very big achievement (they go to high school)! You must have a party, a big fat cake, lots of gifts and of course 15 birthday bumps. But what's a party without activities and some interesting games for your guests? Party games are always fun whether they are held indoors or outdoors.
Organizing these games at a birthday party could help break the ice among the guests and could make the party enjoyable for both children and adults. Therefore, after you are done eating the cake and appetizers get ready to play some games, mentioned in the paragraphs here. Take a look.

Games to Play at a 15th Birthday Party

Since, you are going to have teenagers as guests, you can't organize games which are usually played by children below 15. To make this party interesting, you will have to organize a few party games which are meant for teenagers.
Outdoor party games for teenagers are some of the best options for both boys and girls, as they can be enjoyed to the fullest. In case of indoor games and activities, board and card games are the most exciting choices.

Bowling A Friend

Well, we are sure you are confused by the name! The game is so much fun that you won't stop laughing or cheering for even a minute. It is known as human bowling and is an outdoor game, where you will require an inflatable bowling lane.
You have to strap a friend inside a huge balloon and roll him/her down the lane to knock off the pins at the end of the bowling lane. Usually played in the garden or on a deck, this game is the best choice for 15th birthday party games for boys. Truly enjoyable.

Swimming Pool Games

Another great option for outdoor games is to try some fun pool games like beach ball relay, floating treasure, water basketball, etc. These are not just for little children but work brilliantly for teenagers as well.
Beach ball relay us a fun team game where you can have one beach ball for each team. On the strike of 3, each team member has to push the ball from one end of the pool to the other with their forehead and back.
In floating treasure, you can throw various types of floating things like plastic ducks, balls, water toys, corks, etc. in the pool. The players are supposed to collect as many items they can, to win the game.

Team Games

Games that include teams are also fun activities for breaking the ice among the guests. There are various types of group games such as pictionary and charades which are indoor and can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages.
The alphabet game is another such exciting group game, where you have to divide the guests in groups of four and every team comes up with one thing that starts with the respective alphabet, by looking around.
The "Blind Makeover" is a great choice for the birthday party games if the party is for girls, as you have to blindfold a teammate and guide her to put makeup on another team mate's face!

Board and Card Games

Card games such as "Uno" or "Taboo" could change the environment of the party to a cheerful and noisy one, as these games are fun to be played either single or with a group.
There are various types of card games like trick-taking, matching, accumulating and shedding games which can be played by children, teens and adults. These games are not only fun as a group, but can be enjoyed individually as well.
Another 15th birthday party idea could be enjoying board games. However, if you are staying up after the party with friends, you could choose from games like; Bingo, Catch Phrase, Twister, Monopoly, Would You Rather...?, etc.
With these great options for 15th birthday party, hope you have made a list of the party games that you would like to play. They are fun and you can't have a party without them, so make sure your guests go home stuffed with cake and a lot of prizes!