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Super-cool 16th Birthday Party Ideas to Bring in a New Beginning

16th Birthday Party Ideas
Your 16th birthday's coming up and you're still undecided on what to do for your party? Well, there are plenty of ideas here to make your day memorable. You can go for a hippie theme with funky accessories, colorful decorations, and batik invitations. Go a little overboard with your hipster wear and fun!
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
Turning sixteen means that your parents will finally start seeing you as an adult who can handle responsibilities. But all that aside, things will get more fun from now on. A day as important as this deserves a party, don't you think? So what are you planning on about doing? Not really thought about it, you say? How about we give you some ideas on some great 16th birthday parties? Here we go -- get ready for a fun p-a-r-t-y!
Birthday Ideas and Themes
toga party
The charm that this Roman theme carries with it is rarely duplicated by many others. Imagine your friends having a great time playing dress up. And if you're not asking them to come there all dressed up, why not put your own spin on the party and get them to create their own toga costumes? Maybe you could even have a contest on the same lines. There could also be a contest of the crowning of the 'Roman Emperor/Empress' at the party. To select the food menu for the party, go for dishes that have
What you need

Pick out Roman-themed decorations from a party supplier store like - golden-painted leaves, swords, lanterns, plastic columns and cutlery, party decorations in shades of white, ivory, green, golden, purple, and brown.
If you want your party to be more of a low-key and private affair, a karaoke party is just the thing. It is fun because everybody likes music and a lot of people enjoy singing too. Everyone can take turns to sing their favorite songs and get others to sing along with them.
What you need

All you need is a karaoke set. You can borrow or rent it from someone if you'd like, or buy your own in case you don't have one; they can be quite handy in the future too. Don't want to spend a lot? Well, just get a mic and attach it to speakers while you dish out music from your music player. Add some lights to set the mood of a karaoke bar and pass around assorted finger foods, like fries, cheesy treats, and the like.
a luau
Set the tropical mood by bringing in Hawaii-esque decorations and music. Imagine how colorful the party will be with Hawaiian shirts, sundresses, sarongs, straw hats, grass skirts, flip-flops, and other beachwear. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to serve some yummy tropical mocktails like Virgin Pina Colada, Mai-tais, and fruit punch served in coconut shells. Arrange for some fun games like the classic Limbo; the famous Trinidad and Tobago dance will be quite a hit at your party.
What you need

Floral garlands or leis, and flower hair-pieces for the guests, including straw mats, coconut centerpieces, fake palm trees, and mini meals made from fresh fruit and seafood. Other ideas to include - mocktail tikis, potato chips, kalua pig and shrimp for the main course, and pineapple pudding for dessert.
neon party
Imagine, a place that is decorated with neon adornments that glow in the dark. Everyone is dressed in neon colors and the place looks vivid even in the dark. Wouldn't that be just so much fun? Ask the guests to dress in bright neon colors, with accessories like sparkling ties, glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, hats, and even nail paint. Set up a stall that has glow-in-the-dark paint and go crazy drawing designs on one another. Choose dry finger foods so that it's easier to eat in the dimly lit area.
What you need

Party supplies - glow sticks (that you can also put inside balloons to make them glow), black lights, a punch fountain, glow-in-the-dark face paint and jewelry, glowing candles for the cake, neon tableware, and decorations. Keep backgrounds like wallpaper, tablecloths, and curtains black, so that decorations stand out against them.
dress up party
It is fun to dress up the way you like for a cool theme party; there aren't really many days in a year that you get to do that. Select your favorite theme from among the several available like - vampires, cowboys, '80s disco, zombie, fashion disasters, or characters from your favorite show/movie. You can even arrange for a competition to judge who's the best dressed amongst all.

What you need

Food, lights, music and people dressed in whacky costumes. Pick out a cake to suit the theme.
dance party
Nothing like a dance party to bring in a 16th birthday. The choicest songs, the soaring energy, the pure, unadulterated fun that will follow, the great food - these are the things that make a fun party. To make it even more interesting, speak to a few of your friends who are great at dancing and ask them to set up a dance performance -- parodies are always welcome. You could crown the best act, and even include a gift as part of all this fun.
What you need

A great collection of music and an assorted display of lights to set the mood, is just what you need. Make sure that there is enough food and plenty of cold drinks for the guests. They will need it after the energetic dancing.
Have you done this before? It. Is. Awesome. The adrenaline rush is simply something else. The setting, reminiscent of a battlefield has teams pitted against each other, battling it out for their honor. War cries and strategies, paint falling everywhere and then a final winner. It really does not get better than this. If there's a lot of people then make it 3, even 4 teams and play till there's one final winner. You could also go with the very popular boys vs. girls theme.
What you need

Book a session at your nearest paint-balling venue. Then gather all your friends around and have an awesome time.
kart racing
How about a dash of extra excitement to bring in the 16th birthday? Go kart racing with your friends and have an absolutely awesome time. Follow it up later with pizza, homemade iced mocktails, and video games. Check for recreational places in your city that may offer go-karting for teenagers. Now while we know that guys will probably love the feel of taking control of those wheels, who's to say that girls won't enjoy it too? Gather all your friends and go have yourself a power-packed day!
What you need

A group of enthusiastic friends, a place that offers kart racing, and an arrangement of tickets for the same.
princess party
You don't have to be a Disney princess to celebrate your sweet sixteen birthday party like one. Gather your girlfriends and have a ball of a time in your own room. Decorate it with cute stuff like ribbons, twinkle lights, balloons, piñatas, and cool lanterns. Have a blast! Think pillow fights, chick-flicks, karaoke, Twister, ghost stories, makeovers, dancing, and gossiping; follow the fun up with - ice cream binging and takeout.
What you need

Tiaras, fluffy pillows, pink and white balloons, lots of party supplies, food, a makeup box, and a camera to capture those moments.
water fight
Ask your friends to carry their swimwear with them, and towels. Divide the group into two teams or have a girls vs. boys contest, if the numbers are fairly even. If you have a pool, nothing like it; arrange for party additions right in your backyard. Simple. If the inclination serves well, then head to the beach and have a water fight there. End it with a swim in the sea, under adult supervision, of course.
What you need

Arrange for a whole lot of towels for your guests. Once dry, hand out light snacks like meat and cheese on toothpicks. Also, be sure to advise guests to carry sunscreen.
Things to Keep in Mind for the Party
► Selecting the Perfect Cake

If you are going to make the effort to plan the party, you have to pay attention to the center-of-attraction, next only to the birthday boy/girl, the CAKE! Your birthday cake has to be just as special and unique as the theme of your party. Do bear in mind the birthday boy/girl's preference for flavors, and any specific design they have in mind. Also, get a huge cake for all their friends. Order for it well in advance to avoid last-minute goof ups. No birthday party is good without a cake. And take lots of pictures!

► Creating a Music Playlist

Music is SO important for a party. It is pretty much the life of the party. Sort out your music playlists beforehand if you decide to skip on hiring a DJ. Get your music system or speakers in order too. There are many upcoming DJs who are unknown but talented, with charges as reasonable as $100 to $300 (if you feel like spending on one), depending on the size and duration of your party. You could also ask one of your musically-inclined friends to play the part of DJ for a day.

► Sending Out Invitations

These days most teenagers create a Facebook event page to invite their peers for their birthday party. If you are planning on doing that, there is one important detail that you must keep in mind. Your event should NOT be open to all, else it will attract a flurry of people from your high school who you may not even know. Foresee shortage of food and party disasters? You could even invite your friends through text messages or sending out themed invitation cards at school.

► Ordering/Making Food

Pizzas are bound to please everybody, but if you are looking for something else, you can have the option of finger sandwiches, chocolate-coated pretzels, cheese 'n crackers, and the like. Food can also be thematic depending upon the mood you have decided for the party. If the theme is Hawaiian, you can plan out a menu of seafood dishes. Make sure there are other meat and non-vegetarian options provided as well, because some might be allergic to these.

► Be Careful about the Parking

A lot of neighbors complain about guests taking up a lot of parking space around their homes, which obstruct driveways. Now, you don't want your parents to ban you from hosting any more parties, do you? If your birthday party is at your place, make sure you inform your neighbors well in advance about your plans, and ask them about their idea of convenience regarding parking. If you are hosting it at another venue, ensure that it has enough parking space for your guests.

► Don't exceed the budget

If you are low on budget, you can craft the decorations and invitation cards at home. Also, cooking the food yourself may get cumbersome but it is way more economical than ordering it from outside. Trim your tentative guest list if things still don't work out for you budget-wise. You could also explain your situation to your friends and have a mutual agreement for each one to contribute, like doing a potluck instead. House parties are always a great option to save up on renting a place for a party.
Turning sixteen is not just about freedom and being all grown-up; it is also about having fun and never letting go of the child inside you. If there is a particular theme for the party you're dying to try out, feel free to put your idea forward to your parents. For any teenager, one's birthday is an important day that holds a lot of significance. The party needs to be more than just special. But overall, make sure that you have a good time. After all, you get to turn sixteen only once -- make the most of it.
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