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18th Birthday Gifts for Guys

Sheetal Mandora Mar 14, 2019
Are you looking for inspiration in the gift-giving department? Well, fear not as we will give you amazing ideas on gifts for someone who's going to turn 18 pretty soon.
We all know that when it's someone's birthday, a gift is customary. And depending on their gender, age, likes, and dislikes, we try to figure out what to get them for their birthday. This task becomes slightly tough when the gift is supposed to be for a teenager, and that too a boy.
For girls, they are literally hundreds of choices. But guys, at this age, they can be a bit picky. 18 is a very tricky age, a boy turning into an adult, being acknowledged as one. So get grab your wallets and hit the mall, 'cause we're gonna go... shopping!

Birthday Presents for an 18 Year Old

First, before even thinking about any gift, figure out your overall budget. We mean, you're definitely not going to spend all the cash on a gift. Perhaps there's a romantic dinner idea planned where you can give him his present. In that case, your choices will alter a bit. So, keeping that in mind, head forward to your shopping and finding the perfect gift.

Gadgets, of Course

Boys love gadgets, that's like saying girls love jewelry. So why not give him a new cell phone, an iKaraoke for his iPod, a new iPod Touch, video game console, or a digital camera.
To make this gift the perfect one for your guy, you're going to have to do an extensive search. If you are unaware of the latest gadgets and technology, ask for someone's help at the store so you can't go wrong.

Collage for Two

Here's a cute idea. If you're planning on giving him a sweet homemade gift, how about making a collage of both of you.
There may be tons of pictures of you two (if not, then take pictures with friends and family). Get a big colorful chart paper, a scissors, super glue, the pictures, and some sparkle pens. Start cutting and pasting.

Who's that Celebrity?

Does he have an idol? Perhaps in some sports, a music band, an actor? If yes then this is a big job for you. If you want, you can arrange a small meeting with his favorite idol. It could seem difficult and may take you months to prepare. You will have to make some phone calls and write letters and emails about wanting to meet with that celebrity.
If he has a sports idol, then perhaps you guys can go for a game and you can try to get his autograph. Same goes for the singer, band, or movie star.

Cliché? Yes, It Is

Of course we are going for the classic cliché gift, a romantic dinner. And the reason it's a classic because it never fails. You might think that a romantic candlelight dinner is so boring.
But wait, have you thought about the possibilities of venue? For an intimate dinner, you have tons of choices like a park, beach, mountain, or your backyard (decorated with lights and candles all over).
It's tough when you want to give your boyfriend a gift, but not really sure which gifts will he like the most. Nonetheless, we are sure that after reading about all these gift ideas, you've already finalized on something. Then what are you still doing here, go ...shop ...hurry.