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Awesome Ideas to Plan a 1st Birthday Party on a Budget

1st Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget
Planning the first birthday party of your little one? To plan one on a budget can be both exciting and frightening. Don't worry, this simple step by step guide should make it easy for you.
Gagan Dhillon
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2018
First birthday
Every parent wants the 1st birthday party of their little one to be surreal and special. The important thing is to make sure your child is comfortable, and you, as a family, have a great time. When you plan a birthday party, don't get stressed.
Deciding the Invitees
Woman Writing Possible Names For Baby Girl In Nursery
So you have decided to celebrate the 1st birthday. The next thing to decide, is the number of people who will be gracing the event. If you want it on a budget, invite a smaller group of people. Else you will have to compromise on the food, the venue, and the presents too.
If you are celebrating your child's 1st birthday, when he/she actually turns one, chances are that he will be uncomfortable with too many new faces. If the child is older, you can also invite his/her playmates. Invite close friends and family. An occasion celebrated with people who matter, is always special.
Plan Your Budget
Actually, this should be the first step, but some people find it easier to plan the budget, once they know the number of people they would be catering for.
Remember, you have to stretch the budget to fit everything. This includes the decorations, especially if it's a theme party, the food, and the gift for your child. So plan wisely, you can definitely manage this without bringing out the credit cards.
Select an Appropriate Time
First birthday
Choosing the appropriate time for the party is very important. If you schedule it during your child's nap time, chances are that the baby is going to be cranky. It is best to plan the celebration during the child's play time.
Baby girl celebrate her first birthday
In the pictures, you will have a happy smiling baby. When the kid grows up, at least he/she will have a set of less embarrassing pictures!
Once you are done with this steps, you can pick from a range of 1st birthday party ideas on a budget that are mentioned here. You can create wonderful moments without compromising on your taste and preference.
Cake Cutting
Parents and baby celebrating first birthday
If you want your child's first party to be a family affair, you can just have a cake cutting ceremony. Invite your close friends and family. Take plenty of pictures.
Children Take Decision Fruit or Cake
If possible, ask everyone to contribute for pot luck. So you can have a pot luck, cake cutting ceremony. A celebration of this kind will only forge deep bonds.
Private Party
You can also decide to have a private (adults only) celebration, if your child is too small to comprehend what is happening around him. Do so when the child is taking a nap.
Group Of Families Celebrating Child's First Birthday At Home
You will have plenty of time to sit and unwind while your little one snoozes away. Invite close friends and family for this, perhaps for desert, you could cut the cake.
Theme Party
little princess at first birthday party
Princess themes are common for girls and cowboy for boys. If you want some freshness you can also opt for a "rock n roll" theme or a carnival. Theme parties have to be planned well.
The child's costume also has to fit in the budget. So, plan judiciously. Instead of renting out a place, or having the party at a restaurant, why not make your home or backyard the venue?
A Family Slumber Party
Slumber parties are always fun, especially when it's a family affair. You get the 'low down' on all the family gossip, plus it's a wonderful occasion to bond. Surely it won't be too tough on your budget too. Even your little one will seem to agree to it, with so may close relatives present, your child will definitely feel loved.
Spend Quality Time
Look whos turning one today
Perhaps it's the best way to spend the first birthday. These days, every one is busy with no time for the little things in life that matter. Give your child the gift of time, spend the entire day with him/her. Watching him/her giggle and smile will definitely make your day.
First birthday
Whatever you may decide, remember to film the entire event. It would be nice if you could record messages for your child. When he/she grows older, he/she can see how you felt. Small gestures like these can help in creating a strong family bond.
First birthday
Remember, this is your child's day, as long as you are with him/her, the day will be special, no matter how you choose to celebrate it.