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Exemplary 21st Birthday Gifts

Deepa Kartha Oct 21, 2018
It's your best friend's 21st birthday next week and you are looking for a gift that he/she will like and appreciate. Here are some ideas that will make the day a memorable one for the birthday boy or girl.
Twenty-one is considered to be one of the most important stages in every person's life. It is the age where an individual's transformation from a teenager to an adult becomes complete. Most teenagers wait to turn 21 because it brings with it new freedom as well as opportunities, along with a new set of responsibilities.
As this is an important age, the birthday is celebrated in a grand manner. As the girls and boys are entering the threshold of adulthood, the gifts received must be something that will match their personality and attitude. So, if your son or your younger sister is turning twenty-one soon, it is important that you choose a gift for him/her very carefully.

Gifts for Boys

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic equipment is something that you can never go wrong with when you are thinking of buying a gift for a guy.
Even if they already have a particular gadget with them, receiving the latest model of the same thing will be accepted with great joy. So, if you are thinking of buying the latest electronic gadget, there are actually lots of options for you to choose from.
A personal laptop, touch screen mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, etc., are all great ideas for guys.

Sports Gifts

Just like gadgets, sports are something from which guys are inseparable. So, if your birthday boy is a sports freak and indulges in some kind of sport, giving a sports kit as a gift can be a great idea.
If he has a keen interest in playing football, giving a football kit will surely be appreciated. Tickets for him and his friends to watch a live match of his favorite game will also make his day very special.
Another option will be to give him a chance of trying out some kind of adventure sport like scuba diving, bungee jumping, river rafting, etc.


Accessories are also great birthday gift options for boys.
As it has become a style statement among guys to wear jewelry, giving him jewelry made specially for guys will be a good idea. Other than this, designer watches are also great. Apart from watches, you can also gift him things like cool shades, wristbands, cuff links, silk ties, or branded sport shoes.

Gifts for Girls

Clothes and Jewelry

When it comes to girls, clothes come first to one's mind. There are a variety of clothes that you can buy, however, if you are getting confused seeing the plethora of options around you, a gift certificate of a good clothes store will be more than enough.
In case of jewelry, you can opt for a silver chain with a diamond pendant, a gold bracelet, earrings made of precious stones, etc.

Surprise Party

A surprise party will be a wonderful gift idea for a girl. If you are planning to throw a surprise party for your best friend, make sure that the day of the party does not clash with the party her parents are holding for her.
You can arrange for a simple party or maybe a pool party at the nearby club, if your budget allows you to. Make all the arrangements beforehand and on the day of the party, take her to the club for a casual outing. She will surely have the surprise of her life to see all her friends at the same place, just for her.

Gym Equipment

Girls are said to be fitness freaks and what will be better than giving her the latest fitness equipment as a birthday gift. A treadmill or an elliptical trainer will be the ideal gym equipment for this purpose.
However, if you think that such equipment is beyond your budget, an annual membership to the local gym will also be loved by the recipient. Other than this, giving her a chance to enroll into some kind of dance or aerobic classes will also be a fabulous idea.

Presents for Guys and Gals

Apart from the mentioned ones, there are several other ideas that you can choose from. Let us take a look at some of them.
If your son or daughter is turning twenty-one, gifting him/her a car will be a fabulous idea. If your budget does not allow you to buy a brand new one, buying a second hand car will also do.
As this is the age where people get their legal license to drink, a bottle of alcohol is a very common gift for these birthdays. A bar set which includes bar tools and a shaker will also be loved by them.
If you are thinking of some funny gifts, t-shirts or caps with humorous messages about turning 21 like 'it took me 21 years to look this good' or 'buy me a beer, my 21st birthday is here', etc. will be a wonderful option. Other funny ideas include gag gifts which are plastic bugs, stinking flowers, insulting mirrors, backward moving clocks, etc.
One thing that you have to remember while buying a gift is that, the gift should be something that matches with the birthday boy or girl's hobbies and interests.