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Outstanding 21st Birthday Ideas for Girls

Veethi Telang Oct 24, 2018
Finally, the girl can do anything, this time, officially. Latch into some fun 21st birthday ideas for girls, who've been counting days to turn into an adult.
Come on now, don't say you haven't done it all. We know you were 13, when you went for your first night out, or woke up with a hangover for the first time, at 17. Or may be, kissed a guy when you were 11? Ahem... girls, if asked, have forged ahead of boys, in many things. And you, shan't pose as if you're unaware of the newest wrinkles of the world.
The idea is, when you say 21st birthday, the first thing that raps my mind is alcohol. It's a privilege, isn't it? To finally be eligible to visit that club you always wished you could, but couldn't. Age constraint was an enemy.
Well, for now, trust us. If you ask us, what could be one of the funkiest 21st birthday ideas for the femme fatales, we would say, hire a limo, go to exotic places, booze till you drop, and dance the night away.
Said right? However, some more ideas for a 21st birthday party is what follows here for you to make this day, slightly better than others throughout the year. Not only does this write-up spill the beans about how could you celebrate turning 21, it also includes some amazingly different gift ideas for those who've crossed the threshold of teenage.
Disclaimer: If you think we're gonna talk nothing better than makeup and handbags, wait till we explode your underestimation.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Twenty one is fun. While you could just spend the day eating and sleeping at home, loiter around all day with your girlfriends, and come back late in the night. So, as for the first idea that we suggest, there's nothing better than partying with your friends in town's chicest club.
Don't you think? Dress like a babe, apply loads of makeup, call your sexiest friends (not that those less sexier aren't invited), and have a bash. Oh, and to your surprise, many clubs, these days, offer birthday discounts so that you spend less, and don't compromise on fun.
Twenty one things to do on your 21st birthday. How cool is that? If you've watched the movie 21, set up a 21st birthday party theme, and celebrate it the movie way. Spending the day around the number 21, oozes out innovation in bulk.
You could click 1 weird photo with 21 people each, as a souvenir, or sing 21 funny songs during the party.
You won't realize how fed up you'll be with the number 21, by the end of the party. Well, we talked about theme parties, and loads of dressing up. Does that make for a perfect party idea for the femme fatales?
Twenty one successfully means, you're open to countless opportunities. Now that you are a responsible adult, nothing like planning a trip to Las Vegas or Palm Springs, that make up for the hottest spots to have a birthday bash.
Gather your closest friends, some money squander, and you have the biggest subject to your friends' envy! Given a chance, we would turn the world topsy-turvy to convince our parents for actioning such a birthday party idea.

Gifts for the Girls

Twenty one... an age enough to bamboozle the world, when it comes to birthday gift ideas. You're simply clueless as to what would it take to amuse her. Is it a teddy bear, or a collection of books. A makeup kit, or an adventure sport. Girls are extra meticulous about birthday presents.
Coming to the point, if you're tongue-tied over what could be the perfect 21st birthday gift for your darling friend, we wolud say, a shopping spree. Clich├ęd? You did expect something better, didn't you?
But then, if your birthday girl is towards the saner side of the brains, nothing could make up for the aptest idea for 21st birthday present for a female who worships Prada and Miu-Miu.
Twenty one varied things in a basket is one of the coolest gift ideas for a girl's 21st birthday. If you're blessed with a creative mind and good memory, list down twenty one things that she likes. Make sure they aren't too expensive, or you'll end up in bankruptcy.
Decorate a gift basket full of those 21 things, for instance, books, chocolates, gadgets, appliances, jewelry stand or case, cosmetics, a bottle of wine, etc. and gift her. If this doesn't make her happy, then what else will?
Twenty one is an age worth celebrating, girl. It's your call, ultimately, as to how would you celebrate it. If you're not fond of much hullabaloo on the big day, learn to cook a cuisine from your mom, or if you know how to cook, prepare dinner for your family.
There is a pool of ideas to celebrate your 21st birthday. For girls, even the simplest gesture like gifting flowers or a fragrance would be no less than a remembrance of a lifetime.