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Fun Birthday Party Themes for 2 Year Olds

Madhura Pandit Oct 8, 2018
More often than not, a themed birthday party is a sure hit. Presented here are some interesting themes that you can go with to celebrate your child's birthday with great fun.
You wish to plan a unique birthday party for your kid. You have planned your budget, are making the guest list. So, then comes the most important aspect of kids' birthday parties: the party theme.
Having a themed party is much more joyful than going for an ordinary one. Here are some of the most loved and popular ones.

Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

It is essential to decide the theme earlier so that you get time to arrange for the favors, decoration, games and menu accordingly. Birthday cakes are available in different shapes, patterns and you will really have no trouble in getting what you want. Here are some of the most popular birthday party themes for 2-year-old baby girls and boys.

Mickey and Minnie Theme

Mickey and Minnie are one of the oldest and most popular cartoon characters, and hence, the Mickey Minnie theme is one of the best 2-year-old birthday party themes.
For decoration, you can have cutouts of the faces of Mickey and Minnie, paste big pictures of the duo, etc. The theme color of the party should be black and red, with people dressed in these colors and the table cloths, wall hangings in these suitable colors as well.
You can easily get a mickey mouse cake and cookies as party foods. Mickey mouse theme plates, forks, spoons and glasses are also easily available. For party favors, you can go for mickey mouse headbands, toys, etc.

Cinderella Theme

If you wish to have a princess themed birthday party, then the Cinderella theme is one of the best one. You can dress up your daughter like a princess with a gown and a tiara, and decorate the place like a fairy land with light blue or pink decorations.
You can create the artificial feel of a castle and decorate the chairs and walls accordingly. For party food, you can go for star-shaped cookies, frosting covered cupcakes, etc. You can also get princess themed party favors like cups, pencils, stickers, etc. easily in the market.

Clown Theme

The clown or the circus is yet another popular theme. You can decorate with colorful confetti, cut outs of giant animals, clowns, etc. You can buy clown headbands or joker caps, paint kids' faces with colors, etc.
One of the family members can dress up like an actual clown and have a lot of fun. Party food ideas include cupcakes, lollipops, fruit juices, birthday cake with a clown face, etc. Clown theme party favors like toys, plates, caps, etc. can also be easily obtained from the market.

Car Theme

Another interesting theme is the car or hot wheels theme. You can decorate with cut outs of cars, paste pictures of cars all around and also create a race track if possible. If the party is hot wheels themed, you can even paint the traditional hot wheels logo for decoration.
You can arrange for toy cars for kids to play with. Car shaped cake, frosted cupcakes, tortilla chips with dips, cheese sticks, etc. are some of the best foods for toddlers' birthday party menu. Suitable favors like cars, flags, badges, are also easily available.
You can also try the Mad Hatter theme, dinosaur theme, etc. to create an interesting and memorable birthday party for your little one. Lastly, remember that a bit of planning (well in advance) and preparation (immediately) can definitely be helpful. Good luck!