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30th Birthday Gifts

30th Birthday Gifts

This article helps those who are looking for an interesting 30th birthday gift for someone they love, with some ideas that one can try out.
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Birthday gifts can really be very special, and can be the best way to show your affection for someone. However, many people get confused as to what gifts to give to a person in his late twenties or thirties and as most of these people already have many things that are useful in their daily life. Instead of taking opinions from others, you can think of some cool presents yourself and personalize them. Here are some ideas:

For Men

Electronic Gadgets
These would be one of the finest presents for them. Most men at this age are very tech savvy and hence, giving a new laptop, i-Pod, or a DVD player would help them entertain themselves in their free time. Buy the item from a good store and check for the quality and warranty, so that it lasts long and serves him for a long time.

Wrist Watch
This could also be one of the finest presents for them. Men love to sport stylish and sporty wrist watches which make them look good and improve their personality. So, as per his liking and use, you can choose a budget or a high-end watch for him. Go for famous brands, when it comes to buying watches as presents, as they have an altogether unique look and style.

Decorative Wall Frames
Wall frames are available in plenty in arts and crafts stores and they indeed improve the look of the bedroom. The wall frames can have a particular theme such as natural beauty, wildlife, etc. At the time of giving this present, also suggest, how and exactly where the frame must be on the walls.

Sports Equipment
Sports equipment can perhaps be an ideal present for those who are really fond of sports and games. A swimming costume and goggles, trekking shoes and essentials, new sport shoes, a basketball for regular practice, exercise equipment, etc. are the presents that would be the most appreciated.

Some More
  • New clothes
  • Cell phone
  • Personalized bracelet
  • Travel backpack
  • Wallet
  • Wine Bottle
  • Beer Mugs
  • Gym membership
  • A new property
For Women

Women have always been very fond of perfumes which have a great fragrance and hence, this can be a good present for her. There are many perfume brands in the market, from which you can select the final one. If you are aware of her liking, then why not buy it and present it as a gift. Use an attractive box to keep the perfume and present it to her at the birthday party.

Travel Voucher
It can be the finest present for a wife. You can book a surprise vacation to a quiet and peaceful place far away from the commotion and pollution of the city and give her the tickets on her special day. Choose a spot where she always wished to go and tell her what exciting things await her at the vacation spot.

Jewelry has always been popular with women of all ages. So, shopping for some gold and silver jewelry would not be a bad idea at all. Look for well-designed jewelry ornaments which would make her look great, and present them to her as a surprise.

Most women love handbags, and this can surely be one of the ideas which you can consider. These are available in shopping malls. You need to choose the right color and size which will suit her well. If in doubt, you can take some help from the seller himself while buying the same.

Some More
  • Spa vouchers
  • Sunglasses
  • Nightwear
  • Necklace
  • Books
  • Stationery items
  • Pet
  • Kitchen makeover
Along with these birthday gifts for men and women, think of some creative ideas to make the celebration a memorable one. In all, gift shopping is an exciting experience which can give you a lot of satisfaction and more love from your beloved.
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