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30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Aparna Jadhav Apr 23, 2019
Before printing out invitations for any occasion, be it a birthday or wedding, you need some good wordings to put in them. Here are some suggestions for inviting guests for your friends or siblings 30th birthday party.
No matter how painful it is to turn 30, every body counts on the journey thereon. You look forward to a successful career, starting a family, buying a new house, and saving a lot of money for the future.
Thus, celebrating your 30th birthday is a whole new life you are getting ready to experience. And since it is such a great moment, it calls for a party. It's definitely a time to have a huge bash with friends and family, by sending some invites.
The invitation wordings are meant to be mature, but you can add a little pinch of humor to them. The wording may depend on the theme or type of party you would like to have. So, here are some samples just for you.
"It's indeed great,
We have planned a bash
For (name) is turning 30
On that particular date
Join us at the 30th birthday party!!"
"In case you didn't know, (name's) turning the 3-0.
(relative's name) got it all done right,
We'll be sipping and styling on drinks all night.
Come along on our sweet ride, but shhh ... it's a surprise!"
"Come and join us at,
a Birthday party for (name)!
Let's eat, drink, and be merry!
Since she's turning 30!"
"The coladas are frozen,
The theme is set,
We're having a Luau
You'll never forget.
(name) is 30!"
"Hello All!!
(name) is 30!
We're in the mood to party so help us put him out too,
With a Surprise Birthday Party"
"Let's shake it up or do you prefer 'Stir it Up'?
You're invited to do both, at (name's) 30th Birthday Party!
Munchies and Martinis till Midnight
Come join the fun!"
"We're having a party and you're invited!
(date)...mark the date,
(time)...please don't be late,
(name's) turning 30, so come and enjoy the Cake!" (you can add the theme of these surprise 30th birthday party in the wordings.)
"The sun is hot, the water's cool.
Join us as we party in our pool!
You're invited to a Surprise Birthday Party,
As (name's) hitting the thirty!"
"Spring has sprung and bees are humming!
We're having a party and hope you're coming!
You're invited to a Birthday Party for (name) since he's 30."
"Cocktails, Dinner and so much more...
We'll tell you later what's in store!
(name) is 30! We'll be waiting for you at the party!" (you can add a few funny 30th birthday quotes and sayings in these wordings too.)
With these fantastic invitation wordings, hope you found some interesting ones for your invitations. Usually, we don't need a reason to pop the champagne, but turning 30 is surely more than a reason to celebrate.