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30th Birthday Party Games

Megha Tiwari Mar 17, 2019
A 30th birthday is a landmark, one that you should celebrate with gusto. If you or any of your friends are turning 30 soon, then use the following games to make the party a truly rocking one.
Organising a 30th birthday party for your loved one is a way to make that special day memorable. It is the most interesting way to wish a person for happily spending thirty years of his life, and, of course, it is the perfect reason for a family get together.
Games are a must for any birthday party, be it for the first year or for the thirtieth year. You can also plan to do something extra other than games, like raising a toast for the guest of honor, or narrating some funny incidents about him or her. You can also remind the guest of honor of his past, or can even recite funny birthday poems.
These games prove that fun is not only a cup of tea for the younger generation, but for the older generation as well. The games should be planned in such a way that it brings joy and laughter in the party.

Games for 30th Birthday


♦ Printed handouts or questionnaires
♦ Pens or pencils

Start the party with an icebreaker because most of the guests in the party do not know each other. For this game a little bit of homework has to be done. Try to find out some interesting facts about each guest in the party like their place of birth, hobbies, etc.
Now construct a 'fill in the blanks' exercise about the facts, like Mr./Mrs. were born in _____ state. Now, give the guests ten to fifteen minutes to mingle among themselves and find out information about each other to complete the exercise. The one who completes the exercise first will be the winner.

Fetch An Apple

♦ Two apples
♦ Two spoons
♦ Two chairs
♦ Twelve players

This is a very interesting game where twelve players are required. Divide the players into two equal teams.
Ask the players of the two teams to stand in rows. Keep an apple on each chair at a distance of around eight to ten meters from the team. Give one spoon to the first player of both the teams and ask them to go get the apple kept on the chair and bring it on the spoon and pass it to the next player.
They can use hands only to transfer the apple from the chair to the spoon. They have to give the apple to the next player of their team, who too has a spoon with them. If the apple falls, then they need to pick it up with the spoon only, no hands should be used. Continue until a team completes the round. The winning team will be given an apple as a reward.

Play While You Dance

♦ Seven Ladies
♦ Seven Gents
♦ Music system

This is quite an interesting party game because here you will play while dancing. The ladies have to ask the gentlemen to dance with them. The rule of the game is that ladies can ask any gentleman to dance.
So, they need to leave their old partner and join a new one; now the lady who has been left by the partner will ask someone else to dance. Before a pair begins, the lady will clap twice and then the pair will start dancing. The fun is that no person is allowed to dance without a pair for more than ten seconds. The one who is left along has to quit the game.
These are some party games that will definitely fill everyone with new energy and zeal. Try to be innovative and come up with your own ideas, like nostalgic games that remind the guests of their childhood.
These games include musical chairs, hot-potato, play twister, pin the tail on the elephant, etc. Games can be organized on the basis of the theme decided for the party, like treasure hunts and solving a murder mystery.