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40th Birthday Ideas for Women

Mayuri Kulkarni Apr 19, 2019
Every birthday is special and should be celebrated with great excitement. But, the fortieth birthday deserves to be turned into an extra special occasion. Whether it is your mom turning forty this month, or your wife, your sister, or a very close friend, let's see how to give the celebrations a touch of magic and love.
The 40th birthday, a milestone birthday, needs to be celebrated in a special way to make it momentous, and there are so many ways to do that and be unique. You can throw a surprise party, or arrange a theme based one.
Celebrate the woman you love, celebrate her fortieth, for it is only once that she will urn forty and be forty. If you can't come up with any ideas of your own, use this as your inspiration and get started. You may improvise on these ideas or use them as they are.


Since it is a special milestone birthday you need to invite the guests in a unique way. Given here are some sample wordings that could go on the invitation cards.
We'll ignore the number of candles on the cake
eat, enjoy and just celebrate!
We'll hope (Name) wishes for what he/she desires
What's the worse thing that can happen?
Besides the cake catching on fire!
Chef Ron is ready to grill,
the drinks are ready to chill,
All we need is you
to get this party started!
SHH!!! A little birdie told me
There's going to be a party!
Because, oh my lordy,
(Name) is turning 40!
There's a Birthday Party
and you're invited to show
But don't tell (Name), because she doesn't know
So if you can make it, here's a word to the wise
Make sure to come early
'cause it's a surprise
Please join us
on (Date) (Time)
R.S.V.P. (Name and contact number of concerned person)


Cakes are an inevitable part of any birthday party. These days, personalized and customized cakes are available with all the bakeries and you can get a cake of any desired shape and size that relates to the number 40.
Say if the birthday woman loves dressing up with the latest trend in fashion, then you can get a cake with a fashion model over it and have words on it like, "The Fashion Diva Turns 40". Or else you can get a simple and elegant cake that is decorated with flowers and ribbons and light it with 40 candles.


A birthday gift need not necessarily be a new dress or a gift certificate to a spa, you can even present your dear wife or mom with a simple yet touching gift. To make her day more special, why not cook a breakfast for her? This will surely take her breath away.
The 40th birthday gift can also be chosen, depending upon the lifestyle and profession of the birthday girl. For example, if she is a working woman, you can gift her smart formal wear, or if she is a housewife, you can gift her a nice cookware set.


The decorations should be splendid and match up to the occasion. You can think of having a birthday party theme or rent some special venue for the occasion. You can have a "Ladies Only Party" or a simple kitty party.
If you stay near a shore, why not have a beach party? Never mind if beach parties are popular among youngsters, even adults can have a great time partying along the beach. Or else if you have a pool in your house, simply arrange a pool party.
These were some easy to implement ideas. So, use them or try to come up with innovative ideas and show her the time of her life.