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50th Birthday Gag Gifts

Rujuta Borkar Mar 14, 2019
What could be some really good 50th birthday gag gifts? Need ideas for the same? Read the following information and you'll have some of the best ideas to go by.
Of course a 50th birthday is really, really special and there will be all those heartwarming gifts and wishes making their way. But, but, but, would not it be really fun if you deviated a little from the norm and came up with some gag gifts instead?
Provided, that the birthday girl or boy has a sense of humor. We don't really bring in anything that is mean or hurtful. Just something that is not the same old in the department of gifts, and urges people to have a few laughs (the birthday boy or girl as well). So what do you say? Convinced of the idea to bring in the fun with some of the best gag gifts?
The best part about these gag gifts is that they evoke laughter. And who doesn't love laughter to be a part of their lives? Being happy on your birthday and lightening the mood, now that's got to mean something.

Bug Ice Cube

You get to display this gag gift without even having to wait for the birthday person to open it. All you do is get a plastic ice cube(s) which has a bug encased in it and then drop the cube in their glass drink.
Offer it to them and wait for them to get to the bottom of the glass. Disgust and shrieks will ensue. That's when you announce that it's their birthday gift. A whole lot of fun, it can really be.

Time Capsule

So we know the concept of time capsules, correct? Where important and prominent things of a particular era are put in a single box to mark their existence? Make a time capsule for the birthday person.
What's the gag in this? Exaggerate their age and put in things like a plastic wheel, two stones with a note 'The stones used to make fire', dinosaur replicas and the like. Nothing like this one to get the laughing through.

Cookies in a Pan

Get any cheap cookies and arrange them on a broom pan, then wrap the whole gift and put in a decorative ribbon for dramatic effect.
When the birthday person opens the gift, you turn around and say you were baking them cookies when the vessel toppled over, but you scooped it right out and got it for them nonetheless. First shock and then peals of laughter, that is what this gag gift promises to lend.

Playing on the Fear

Coming up with a good gag gift is very simple if you just keep a simple factor in mind―play on their fears! They're scared of frogs, snakes, lizards? Gift wrap an elaborate gift that has those absolutely real looking plastic creatures.
Or if they are scared of horror films, have someone dress up in a scary mask and ring the bell, ask the birthday person to open the door for the scare of their lives. Then sheepishly present the mask to them as their well-deserved birthday gift.
These are some of the most innovative and creative birthday gag gifts that you can look into. The task of coming up with a gag gift for that someone will not at all be difficult, now will it?