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Fantastic Ideas for a 50th Birthday

Deepa Kartha Oct 23, 2018
One of your near and dear ones is turning 50 in two months, and you want to make this birthday a special treat for them. If you want to do something more than the usual cocktail or dinner party, which have been going around for a long time, here are some ideas that would surely be appreciated.
"50 years: here's a time when you have to separate yourself from what other people expect of you, and do what you love. Because, if you find yourself 50 years old and you aren't doing what you love, then what's the point?"
― Jim Carrey
A 50th birthday is surely a milestone in a person's life. By the time a person is fifty, he is mostly done with family obligations, and is faced with a life to be lived his way. The way in which this occasion should be celebrated, depends upon the nature of the person whose birthday it is.
Most people do not like to celebrate their 50th birthday, because they think that the best part of their life has gone behind. If your friend thinks this way, you must respect his decision, and not insist on having a party. However, if your friend is a fun-loving type, nothing should stop you from having the party.
The usual idea of a party is having a silent dinner or luncheon, where all close friends and family gather together. There is nothing wrong with such parties, but doing something different would make it memorable for the birthday boy or girl.

Golden Birthday Celebration Ideas

Mostly, these birthday parties are thrown by close family members and friends. If you are thinking of having one for your father, mother, husband, wife, or friend, there are ample of 50th birthday party ideas that you can choose from. But, the likes and dislikes of the birthday boy/girl should definitely be considered while planning a party.
One of the very popular ideas for a 50th birthday party is the memory lane party. It is a party where the person gets the chance to revive all the memories and experiences he had during the 50 years of his life. There would be nothing better than having old friends from school and college coming together to celebrate the birthday.
You can have this party at the person's home or his favorite restaurant. Collect photographs of the person from the time of his birth till present. This would include his birthday, graduation day, wedding day, etc. Make a PowerPoint presentation using the and play it during the party.
Another idea would be to make a collage of these photographs on a card paper, and ask all the invitees to give a caption for each photograph. This would also a serve as one great 50th birthday gift ideas.
Having a theme-based party, is also a good idea. The theme of the party can be something related to the year, or the decade in which the person was born. For instance, if he was born during the 60s, ask the guests to come dressed like people used to do in those times.
Not only the dresses, but the decorations, food, and music should be similar to what was popular during those times. Other than this, you can also have a costume party, where the theme would be based on some historical era. This party would stay in your host's and guests' memory for its uniqueness.
Birthdays need not be celebrated on a grand scale. If it is your wife's 50th birthday, and she wishes to keep a low profile on that day, take her to a romantic candle light dinner for two at an expensive restaurant. You can arrange for her favorite music to be played, along with the food she loves.
Birthday parties are never complete without gifts. There would be no greater gift than seeing one's dream come true on his/her birthday. It would be a fabulous idea to send him/her on a cruise or to some exotic location where they always wanted to go.
The 50th birthday can either be a grand affair, or a small, simple one. The main purpose is to make it really special for the celebrant. It is to show them that though half their life has passed by, the other half is welcoming them with open arms.