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50th Birthday Invitations to Help You Choose the Right Wordings

50th Birthday Invitations
Planning on throwing a fantastic 50th birthday party? Then you might want to send the invitations first in order to present the theme of the party to your guests. And to help you with the wordings, we've compiled a few samples for you to look at...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Sep 19, 2018
Collection of Invitation cards
Creative invitations can be an elegant way to announce the party and celebrations.
Before you can plan and finalize the décor, theme, food and beverages, supplies, and guest list, you will have to work on the invitation cards. There may be times when our minds will draw a blank while coming up with catchy phrases or words to write in such cards.
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So if you are in such a dilemma, we can help you get out of it. You can go through the following sample wordings and include one of them in your 50th birthday invitations to your guests.
Important Info to Include
Beautiful vintage invitation cards
It's always easy and less stressful to go to your favorite store and pick up invitation cards.
However, if you do wish to take the time and personally send out handwritten invitations to family and close friends, then there are certain points to be included. Whether the wordings are formal or friendly (informal/upbeat), you should convey these important information.
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● The "who" - the celebrant's name
● The "what" - celebrating his/her 50th birthday
● The "when" - date and time the party will be conducted
● The "where" - the venue of the party
● Contact person's info for RSVP/regrets
Ideas for Birthday Invitation
Beautiful vintage invitation cards
Basically, these cards can be organized depending on the age of the birthday "guest of honor". You can find empty cards which says "50th birthday" on the cover and has space for you to write the wordings inside.
Beautiful invitation cards layouts
Be sure to write down the person's name, their age, venue of the party, make up a story for the party, discuss the theme, and other specific information you wish to include.
Beautiful vintage invitation cards
This way, the guests will know what to expect at the party. To get you started in the right direction, here are some sample wordings that may come in handy.
Invitation Cards
The years kept flying away
and before (Name) knew it
(Name) was 5 decades old
and very well adjusting to it.
Help us celebrate
(Name)'s 50th Birthday!!
(Date and time for the party)
(Venue and contact number)
Beautiful vintage invitation cards
Toot the horn! Bang the drum!
It's a party! Can you come?
Friendships, wine and...
the (Name) improve with age!
Join us in celebrating
(Name)'s 50th Birthday!!
(Date and time for the party)
(Venue and contact number)
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Join us for a Juke Box Party!
We're rocking around the clock
For (Name)'s 50th Birthday
as if it were 1952!
Wear your bobby socks and saddle shoes.
(Date and time for the party)
(Venue and contact phone number)
Invitation Cards
We're laying the youth of our dear friend to rest
Won't you come pay your last respects?
(Name) is moseying over the hill
Join us as we respectfully lay his/her youth to test.
Come witness this amazing play
and help blow the whistle on his/her youth!
(Date and time for the party)
(Venue and contact number)
Beautiful vintage invitation cards
Drums roll....bands play.
It's (Name)'s birthday! (Name) will be 50 years old...
So I've been told.
One more year to PREPARE
To celebrate this date
I'm giving a dinner party for
(Name and the family)
There'll be food, wine, and song.
(Date, time, & venue for the party)
(RSVP for the party)
Invitation cards Layouts
(Name) has entered his mid-life crisis
Let's celebrate the year before
he turns the Big 5 - 0!!
Meet us at the (Venue)
Please join us for pizza, drinks
and bowl a few games.
Let's gather at (Time)
we can begin bowling at eight.
His 60s are almost here so
let's ring his 40s out in style.
(Date for the party)
Let's get together and party for a while.
(RSVP phone number)
Penning invitations is not an easy task, and we know that. With all the preparations of hosting and arranging a party, it's natural to have a mental block once in a while. Hence, you have us to rely on and help you out in sending out the invitations well in time.
Invitation Cards
Send the invitations at least 2-3 weeks before the party so your guests can prepare well in advance. Remember the essential information that needs to be added in the invitations and let's get the party started!