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Ultimate 50th Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni Sep 30, 2018
Inviting guests in a special manner ensures a good start of a party. The 50th birthday, being a very special occasion, needs some simple yet interesting invitation cards. This information helps with some ideas for the same.
For some people turning 50 can be a joyful occasion, while for some it may be a sad moment since a lot of time has passed in their life. But always remember that every birthday is a special day, whether it's the first or the fiftieth one. It's time to rejoice and share your happiness and life experiences with your near and dear ones.
Milestone birthdays like these, need to be celebrated in a very memorable way. Party preparations start with the invitations and for this you need ideas that will depict this special occasion. If you are planning to throw a party or are arranging the same as a surprise for your friend or relative, here are some invitations ideas that will help.

Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

A party invitation card basically consists of five important elements. They are the venue, date and time, wordings, R.S.V.P., and the theme (if any). In case you are planning for a surprise party, you should mention the same on the card.
First, decide whether you will be sending printed or handwritten cards. You can also send online ones, but all your guests should have an e-mail id and you also need to acknowledge whether each of them have received and checked the same or not.
To get printed cards, you can try searching on the Internet. Many of the websites provide free ready-made printable card templates. You can download and print these templates and use them for your cards. If you have planned the party in a very short time period, you can always go for this option. Handwritten ones can consume lot of time.
To prepare them, you need to buy ready-made plain cards and write the wordings and other requirements on them. Once you have decided what type of cards you are going to send, you can search for the wordings.

Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

These wordings can be funny or serious. You can even have fiftieth birthday sayings as the wordings. There are innumerable ideas that can be used for inviting the guests. As mentioned earlier, if the celebration is a surprise, you should choose wordings that will tell the guests about it.
Also, if there is a particular theme and you want the guests to come in a special attire, then do mention it on the card. Here are some ideas for the wordings.

Sample #1

Friendship, wine, and
the (Name of the Birthday boy/girl)'s improve with age!
Join us in celebrating
(Name of the Birthday boy/girl)'s 50th Birthday
on (Day), (Date)
The first cork pops at (Time)

Sample #2

A 50th Birthday can be really "ruff",
But we can make it better if we celebrate enough,
Please join us for (Name of the Birthday boy/girl)'s 50th Birthday party
(Day) (Date) (Time)

Sample #3

SHHHH! It's a surprise
We're having a luau party!
We want you to come,
(Name of the Birthday boy/girl) is turning 50
Surprising (him/her) will be fun!

Please dress as a tourist
As tacky as can be
The setting is the tropics
like the beach of Hawaii!

At (Venue) on (Date and Time)
R.S.V.P. to (Name of the Concerned Person) (Contact Number)

Sample #4

There's a 50th Birthday Party
and you're invited to show
But don't tell (Name of the Birthday boy/girl), because (he/she) doesn't know
So if you can make it, here's a word to the wise
Make sure to come early
Because it's a surprise
Please join us
on (Day) (Date) at (Time)
R.S.V.P. by (Date) to (Name of the Concerned Person) (Contact Number)
You can consider the aforementioned suggestions and ideas, or take the help of these to come up with your own fabulous and creative ideas.