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60th Birthday Party Ideas We're Sure You'll Find Nowhere Else

60th Birthday Party Ideas
Turning 60 is a big deal and such a milestone birthday needs to be celebrated in style. Whether you are throwing a birthday party for your friend, spouse or parent, you need to come up with some good themes and ideas.
Lalan Maliakal
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
If you are looking for a theme, then it is best that you don't opt for an easy way out and choose a theme based on age. No one appreciates being poked fun at for their age. Also, try to avoid decorations and invites that have "You are 60" and "Over the Hill" printed all over it. These look garish and tacky and has no place in an elegant birthday party. It is always best to focus on the person and not the age. Now that you know what not to do, let's find out which themes are great for a 60th birthday celebration.
Alfresco Party
Friends drinking together under the sun
If you are hosting a birthday party where only close friends and family are being invited, then an alfresco party will work very well. The trick to pulling off such a birthday party is to make sure that you plan every element of the party well in advance. Such a party is great for a person who wants to celebrate his/her birthday with only family and intimate friends.
You can choose to have the party in your patio, terrace or backyard. For lighting the party area, string lanterns on branches of trees or porch trellis. You can also use tiny twinkling fairy lights. Take special care to decorate the table with fresh floral centerpieces and fancy dinnerware. For a party where the guest list does not exceed more than 10-12 people, you can easily prepare food at home.
Reunion Birthday Party
Group of senior people at a birthday party
Not every party needs to have a theme for it to be enjoyable and memorable. A milestone birthday is all about meeting old and new friends. So a good option is to plan a reunion with old friends and classmates of the guest of honor. The trick to pulling off such a party is to plan well ahead and make sure that you prepare the guest list at least two months in advance.
If the guest list is a large one, you can have the party catered. Create a festive vibe for the party by choosing decorations like silver and gold streamers, photo confetti and gold star garlands. A color palette of gold, silver, copper and white works very well for such a party.
Yacht Party
Senior Couples Playing Cards on the Deck of a Boat
If you want to throw a sophisticated and classy bash for your spouse's or parent's 60th birthday party, then you cannot go wrong with a yacht party. Organizing such a party can be on the expensive side, but the results will be well worth the effort.

You can charter a private yacht and hire a party planner to decorate and cater for the party. Keep in mind that yacht rental companies charge hourly and they have a limit to how many guests they can accommodate.
Poolside Party
Senior couple standing by pool, holding drinks, smiling, portrait
A pool party for a grown up birthday is very different from that of a typical teenagers. Here you don't dunk guests in the water nor is there a lot of splashing around in the pool. It is a more sophisticated and elegant affair where guests dress up for the party in semi formal attire.
An often overlooked aspect of a poolside party is lighting. Make sure that your guests can navigate through the area by installing outdoor lighting. You can opt for a buffet system of serving food or you can have a sit down affair (practical, if the guest count is below 12). You can hire someone to cater for the party too, if you find preparing food for a large gathering to be overwhelming.
Food Theme Party
Family toasting at Christmas meal
A food-based theme for 60th birthday party is ideal for a foodie. This theme can revolve around food from the past six decades. Choose a signature dish (food or drink) from each decade for the party. Make sure that you have enough items for appetizers, main course, sides and desserts.

For such a party, the food is the main focus. So the food preparation and presentation needs to be impeccable. D├ęcor for such a party needs to be simple and minimalistic.
Moroccan Theme Party
Turkish style pub in Istanbul
If you are looking to add some flair and fun to your party then you cannot go wrong with a theme party based on an exotic locale. Nothing spells mystique and magic more than a Moroccan theme party. To organize such a party, decorate your garden, patio or terrace with colorful glass lamps and plush floor cushions.
Set table
Moroccan dishes like lamb tagine, couscous, kefta and harira works well for such a party. Because food is served family style, you can prepare them ahead of time and save multiple trips to the kitchen.

Always keep the guest of honor's personality, likings and taste in mind before you finalize a theme for the party. A dignified and introvert person will not enjoy a very showy 70s theme party. For such a person, you will need to come up with a theme that is restrained, tasteful and classy. The important thing to remember is to host a party that they will enjoy.
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