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Lovely And Beautiful Ideas for 80th Birthday Decorations

80th Birthday Decoration Ideas
Looking for some unique and artistic decoration ideas to make the 80th birthday special for a loved one? Well, though we can't come there and give you a helping hand with the same, we can definitely give you some helpful ideas. This BirthdayFrenzy article gives you all the information you need for planning this special occasion!
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.
― John Burroughs
Yet another leaf in the family tree is growing old beautifully and gracefully and turning 80 today. Celebrating a person's 80th birthday is a milestone in itself, considering the fact that the average American lives for only 77.7 years! So, who is the special one who will get all the gifts and best wishes today? Your grandparent, parent, a close relative, or a friend? Make this day all the more special for the birthday boy/girl by implementing some amazing decoration ideas that can contribute towards making this occasion extremely memorable for each and everyone present in the celebrations.
Creative Decoration Ideas for 80th Birthday
When it comes to decorating the venue, there are a few things to be kept in mind: The entrance, dining area, main sitting area, and the theme. It would be best to select a theme as per the likes of the birthday boy/girl. No, I am not asking you to involve them in the decoration, I am asking you to involve their likes and preferences into the party theme so that your efforts may come out as a wonderful surprise to the guest of honor, which is no one else but the octogenarian turning 80 today! How about setting up an ambiance and keeping the dress code as per their birth year?
Cake Decoration Idea
Considering the fact that most of the people in this world do not get a chance to cut their 80th birthday cake (as per statistics), the cake has to be exceptionally special and unique! If you don't master the art of baking a cake yourself, then you can always ask a caterer who specializes in making personalized cakes for a special event like this. To start with, you can get a cake made with the number or the word eighty. Choose a flavor that the birthday boy/girl likes. You can decorate it with some nice colors and patterns, the person's sketch, if you know a baker who can do that for you, and then use the icing to make the number eighty as the main highlight of the cake. You can also get the cake made and decorated based on the individual hobby of the person. For example, if it's your grandma turning 80 and she loves gardening, then you can get a cake baked on the theme with the number 80 as some flower or vegetable grown in the garden. Take another example, if your grandpa loves golf, then you can get the cake made in the golf theme and put the number 80 as the golf balls over the cake.
Color Themes
If you are able to actually bring across the idea to this special person that each and every detail has been done according to the likes and preferences of the person, your efforts are truly worth the time. Let's start with the color theme. What is the birthday boy/girl's favorite color? Try to keep that color as the main color of the party. For example, you can get the table cloths, napkins, balloons, ribbons, curtains, and other decorative items based on their favorite color combinations. For example, if blue and white happen to be their loved colors, then you can keep the color theme as blue and white. Try to keep the look balanced so that it appeals to be relaxing and not too bright and overwhelming.
The 80th Birthday Wall of Fame!
If you don't have one, then create one! This wall of fame should be colored with the favorite color of the one celebrating his/her birthday, and should consist of a large frame which has all the pictures of the birthday boy/girl's childhood, teenage, adulthood, marriage, and the memorable phases thereafter. You can also write some personal messages on the wall in honor. You can do some research beforehand and add pictures that are associated with some fond memories of this person's life. So, use your creativity and create a unique and beautiful collage that touches the heart of everyone who sees it.
Flower Decoration
Choose a variety of flowers, however, focus on the favorite flowers of the birthday boy/girl. I wished if I had the chance to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday, I would decorate the entire house with her favorite flowers―Orchids. But sadly, she passed away just before turning 80. Anyway, since you have the chance, go get his/her favorite flowers and create a classic centerpiece. You can also take some individual flowers and place them evenly around the venue so that your birthday boy/girl sees them all the time and feels all the more special.
Entrance Door
The guests who have been invited to be a part of this special celebration should get an idea of what a grand occasion it is as soon as they enter the venue. Therefore, decorate the entrance gate with some nice flowers and scrap papers with glitters saying, "Happy 80th Birthday (Name)". As soon as they enter, let their eyes glow with the light of some beautiful candles and glittering balloons. I believe that a party becomes all the more special if the guests are impressed with the decoration. An impressive decoration makes the guest look forward to what's coming up next!
Walk Down the Memory Lane
This special elderly person may have a lot of memories in store which may make him/her feel a little nostalgic and touched. Old age is when the person returns to his childhood once again, being extra sensitive towards everything! They usually feel that the world has become way too busy for them or too insensitive towards their feelings. This is the day to prove them wrong. Why not plan a speech by various people who have known this dear one for ages? If possible, try to invite their childhood friends. Ask these friends, their spouse, their children, or even their grandchildren to say some nice words in their honor. Take a moment and make your old pal feel loved, cherished, and treasured on his/her birthday.
So these were some simple yet effective ideas that would help make this memorable day all the more memorable with your little efforts and thoughtfulness. I hope these party ideas and decoration tips helped you in some way or the other. If you have some great suggestions in your mind, do share them with us. We would love to know how you would celebrate this special day of your loved one!
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