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Ideas for Your Dad's 80th Birthday

Neha Joshi Feb 8, 2019
Leave no stone unturned and make your dad's 80th birthday one of his best birthdays. These ideas will help.
8 decades of life ... of course, with all their ups and downs. With all achievements and failures, so many years deserve a standing ovation. If your dad is completing 80 years this birthday, it's time you take matters in your hands and do something big and special. Make this birthday worth remembering.
This day should add to all the special memories collected throughout his life. 80 years is a milestone very few achieve and those few, deserve a treat like no other. Let's see how you can do it.


Collect Memories

Collect all his photographs that captured milestones in his life. His first birthday (this one will be great!), his first teen birthday, graduation day, wedding photograph, when his kids were born, when his grandchildren were born etc.
Collect all these photographs and make a scrapbook out of them. If you have letters that you wrote to him when you were away, or if there are other letters or postcards that you find, put them all in this scrapbook. At the end, ask everyone to write a small paragraph for him.

Take Him Away

The younger members of the family are busy with their jobs and other truckload of responsibilities. Finding time for each other becomes a little difficult with age. Children are always working and the grandchildren have school to attend.
At such times, a vacation will be a great 80th birthday gift idea for your dad. Surprise your dad this birthday and take him for a family vacation. If you know of a place which he has been wanting to visit since a long time, your work becomes easier.

Age No Bar

Alcohol is the best gift for a man. Be it his 25th birthday or his 80th, a bottle of expensive liquor is always welcomed. If you have had no time for selecting a gift, this can be your rescue.
Pick the most expensive liquor available in the store and gift it to him. Of course, everyone can drink to him to make it an even better gift. Pick up something of his taste.

Retro Revolution

Throw a surprise party for your dad. Call all his friends and family. Ask your mom for the numbers. You have to make this birthday extra special, don't you? Give the party a retro theme and make sure everyone dresses in accordance to it.
Decorate the venue in a way that it resembles a retro movie set. Have everything planned in advance―the music, food, venue, invites, etc.

Record It!

Just like the scrapbook, you can make a DVD too. The only advantage you gain over the scrapbook is that here you can include some videos. Hunt for these videos―old and new―to make a video montage; there, you have your gift ready.
You will find a lot of software on the Internet that will aid you in making this gift. If there is still enough time for the birthday, you can make this montage and play it at the party.
You can also gift him and your mother a vacation. Perhaps to a place they always wanted to see. If there is a particular game he likes, gift him a particular club's membership. If you're finding it difficult to zero in on something, ask your mom for help.