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Birthday Cake Ideas for Adults

Mamta Mule Mar 24, 2019
Need some birthday cake ideas for adults? Just keep reading to know some interesting ones that you can opt for.
Once again you are wondering about the same thing! The 'birthday cake', right? Most of you would be short of good ideas for the same. After all, thinking of a new design not only each year, but for each birthday is a tough task. The old geometrical shapes are no longer interesting.
Birthday cakes are a special part of the celebration and need to be essentially attractive. Unique designs can give a wonderful surprise to the birthday boy/girl. Moreover, a well designed one is sure to make the individual feel special. Designs can be made according to the birthday boy/girl's likes, hobbies, profession, or age.

Ideas for Women

Women's attire can't be complete without jewelry and other accessories. So, how about a classic cake in the shape of an ivory and brown leather purse.
You can also have a cake with a hot red stiletto. Yes, a white base with black stripes and a red stiletto heels on it is sure to make a stunning birthday cake. Another idea is to get a cake with white or other colored sunglasses. Have the sunglasses to match the one that the birthday girl uses most often.
Further, the design of an open jewelry box having a necklace set is definitely an awesome piece, sure to be loved by her. A big hamburger cake is another great idea to opt for. A cake resembling her favorite fruit, dish, car, accessory, or a disco ball will be an ultimate pick.

Ideas for Men

A musical instrument, which your man loves playing or listening to, can make one of the best birthday cake designs for adults. So, a piano or guitar can be the right picks for the cake shapes.
How about a baseball ground or a golf course? A hockey stick or a golf stick can also make a good icing design over the base.
Another idea is to have one in the shape of a car or any of his favorite automobile. Well, this cool birthday cake is surely going to surprise him.
Men can spend their entire earnings in buying gadgets. Why not have a cake resembling one of his favorite gadget. An iPhone, laptop, camera, mp3 player, gaming station, etc., can make unique cakes. Matching the colors with the right icing needs no mention. Moreover, you can also get a cake design having two sets of playing cards.
One with a car racing route design, with flags and boundaries, can look great.
Other ideas include a coffee mug, a beer bottle, a recliner, or sofa.
With these ideas, you can pick the one you find the best suited for the birthday boy/girl and order the same to a professional. Make sure you ask for the right detailing over them, as they play an important role in making the cake look perfect.
While you plan birthday ideas for adults, such amazing cakes can't be missed out. So, grab the best piece and be ready with a surprise on this birthday.