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Birthday Cake Ideas for Men

Tulika Nair Mar 24, 2019
It is your boyfriend's birthday and you want to get him a cake that is unique and individualistic. What are the different birthday cake ideas that you can opt from? Here, we give you some fun ideas that you could choose from.
Birthdays are the one day in the year where everyone should actually have legal sanction to behave like a child even if they are nearing ninety. This is their day. A day when they should be made to feel extremely special.
And everyone likes to be treated like royalty on their birthday. This is irrespective of your gender. Most men may not accept it, but underneath the macho exterior, lies a not-very-well-hidden child. So, if you are looking for cake style ideas, then here are some options to look at.

Ideas for Birthday Cakes

Has he ever spoken about some fun ideas for a birthday cake? Is there some cake that he always wanted for his birthday as a child? Well, if you do not have the requisite answers to these questions, then take a look at the inspiration given here and then exercise your own gray cells.

Coveted Car

Every man has that one dream vehicle that he has fascinated about and wanted to possess. From the Buggati Veyron to the McLaren F1 or even the BatMobile (which let us accept, is the fantasy of every guy on the planet), find out which car drives your man mad and recreate the same for him in an edible form.
You may not be able to buy the real version for him, but you can ensure that he will never forget the moment in which he got his dream car in the form of a cake. If your guy is more of a biker, then get him his superbike in an eatable variety.

Gadget Geek

Every latest gadget in the market finds its way into your guy's hands, does it? If yes, then what better idea could you come up with to make a cake for him than one shaped to resemble a gadget.
You can recreate his favorite phone be it the iPhone or even the limited edition Vertu, or choose to get a made-to-order cake which is a combination of all his favorite gadgets. His favorite phone, the tablet of his choice, the gaming console he loves, could all make their way to the cake. Have his name inscribed on each of the gadgets on the cake.

Viva Vendetta

Guns, cowboys, violence, massacres, bloody as this may sound, is it a theme that drives your guy wild? Well, if yes, then opt for the dark and the bloody as a theme for the birthday cake.
You could choose to get an assortment of guns made or even a scene from the Wild, Wild West. Remember Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly or Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro? Make the party an unforgettable one by matching the theme of the cake with the theme of the party. There is no way you can go wrong with this idea.

Scare and Shock

If his tastes are attuned to the darker side, then opt for more Gothic cakes like a completely black cake in the vampire/werewolf theme or even a headless maid cake. There are many bakeries out there which specialize in cakes for Halloween.
If you are opting for a cake in the darker vein, then it would be a good idea to contact such a bakery to get a similar birthday cake made. When you bring out this cake on the birthday, ensure that you switch off the lights and have only the sparklers lit.
There are many other such novel and unique ideas that you can opt from. There are also other options that you can consider like recreating his favorite movie poster, a pinup girl, his favorite food converted into a cake (like a burger and fries cake). The options you have are endless. Just ensure that you get a cake that your guy is sure to love.