Great Ideas for Making Drool-worthy Birthday Cakes for Kids

Birthday Cakes for Kids
There is almost nothing as lip-smacking and inviting as a tasty cake. And it sure is impossible to imagine a birthday party without it. This BirthdayFrenzy post gives you some interesting ideas to design your kid's birthday cake.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
When you talk about birthdays, they cannot be complete without cakes. There are a lot of interesting and attractive options when it comes to making cakes for children. Toon cakes, superhero cakes, cute animal design cakes, etc. the list being endless.
Birthday Cakes for Children
Cartoon Characters
Cartoons are the most attractive things for kids. A cartoon character like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, maybe some Pokemon characters, Powerpuff Girls, and innumerable others can be a hit. Kids, especially the younger ones are totally hooked onto these cartoon characters and so this is a good idea for a birthday cake.
Get Sporty
Sport-themed cakes are perfect for older children. A cool cake would be one having a design related to the national game of the USA. It could be a baseball field, baseball bat and ball, or the likes. Football is another popular sport.
Tail the Tale
Deck the cake with a castle design and place a few fairy figurines on it. The kids will love it for sure. Fairy tales, imaginary characters, prince, princess, all these things are a part of the fantasy of kids. Seeing that will absolutely thrill them to bits.
Classic Stuff
These are the good old traditional and all time favorite cakes. Young or old, you be dead sure that they are going to like it. Chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, double chocolate pudding cakes, pineapple cakes, and others are good options, if you cannot think of anything else.
Theme It Up
If you have a theme for the birthday, then you can have a cake based on it. To illustrate a theme, let's say you have pets or barnyard animals. Have it in the shape of a sheep. Or better still, the shape of a duck, or may be a small pony. That would be really interesting for the kids.
'Toy'ing around
Kids are surrounded by toys all the time, so why not give them a dose of their own medicine! Well, no kidding here, what I meant was, have a toy as the design on the cake or have it shaped as a toy. A toy train, school bus, pirate ship, sandcastle shaped, Lego, etc. The kids will be really excited seeing that!
Fly Around
A butterfly shape is a fine idea. It could be a really good for first birthday, along with a few other designs. A cake of the shape of butterfly with colorful icing is totally tempting and irresistible.
Whack It Off
These cakes will catch the kids completely off guard. Wonderland, pizza, smiley face and a few others can be some unusual options. In this you just need to be innovative and come up with absolute whacky ideas for a good cake.
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