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Splendid Birthday Celebration Ideas for Women

Charlie S Feb 8, 2019
The best way to show the women in your life is by celebrating their birthday with a lot of pomp and fervor. Here are some tips you can use to make this day special for her.
No matter how old a woman gets, her birthday needs to be celebrated with a lot of passion and zeal. While the occasional romantic dinner will make her happy, it's always nice if her day is spent doing something she always wanted to do or even better, something she never expected to do.
Here are some such ideas that you can use to take your woman over the moon on her birthday.

Pamper her Silly

Have you ever wondered how she manages to strike such a perfect balance between her work and home life? It's one of those things that cannot be fathomed unless you're doing it yourself.
So, for this birthday, give her an entire day at a spa, to let her refresh and rejuvenate every inch of herself. Book her for a pampering session of massages, mani-pedis, aromatherapy, hair styling, etc. Let her indulge in every possible manner, she will love how relaxed she feels after all this.

Leave her Alone

Think about it, what can help her unwind and stay totally stress-free on her birthday? A day that doesn't involve her daily chores and 'to-dos'.
This birthday, make provisions for all her work to be taken care of, all meals from her favorite restaurant/s delivered home, the kids sent to school on time, household chores managed by a cleaning service, etc.
Just give her a pack of DVDs of her favorite movies, an endless supply of popcorn, and let her have the day off!

Let her Wish be your Command

Do whatever she wants to do or wants you to do. If she wants to go shopping, take her, if it is dancing she wants to do, then dance with her. Drive her wherever she wants to go.
If she wants to turn the sprinklers on and jump around in the drizzle, play her music. Make her a sandwich if she is hungry. If she wants to play a game of chess, let her win. At the end of the day, just make her feel as special as she ought to feel.

Send her Away

P.S. I Love You ring a bell? Remember how Gerry sends Holly and her friends away on that trip to Ireland? Well, you don't have to send her away to another continent, but you can always manage a weekend away at a nearby resort or beach town, right?
So, call her BFFs and arrange for everything well in advance. Secretly pack a bag for her, and on her birthday have them land up at the door with their bags packed and ready to leave. She will love it for sure!
A woman's birthday needs to be celebrated as she brings immense joy and love to the people around her, and making this day special is a sure way of letting her know how special and cherished she is.