4 Birthday Cupcake Decorating Ideas You Never Thought About

Birthday Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Decorating cakes is a creative and fun-filled activity. The following birthday cupcake decorating ideas will help you create unique cakes for the party.
A birthday party can never be complete without a birthday cake. You must have tried the traditional black forest, pineapple upside-down or chocolate cake with cherries, for birthdays. Are you planning to have something different for the birthday of your loved one? Cupcake birthday cakes are in vogue these days. You can decorate every single cupcake in a unique manner and serve them for the party. Take a look at the pictures given below and see how lovely these decorated cupcakes look.
Cupcake Decoration
You can try decorating your cupcakes in the aforementioned fashion to turn them into tempting treats. For decorating cupcakes, you can choose from the following cupcake decorations: icing, fondant, colorful frosting, candy corns, rainbow or chocolate jimmies (sprinkles), gumdrops, chocolate, peppermints, jam, jelly, fruit leather, fresh fruits and nuts, grated coconut, etc. You will also need a simple icing pen for icing. Edible cake decorations made of sugar are easily available in stores.
Rose cupcake
Orange cupcake
Flower cupcake
Chocolate cupcake
Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes
In order to make a birthday cupcake cake, you have to decorate each cupcake individually and arrange them together in the cake stand. Or simply, put together these assorted cupcakes on a 2-3 tiered cake stand and serve. Following are ideas for decorating cupcakes that will be helpful to you.
Among all the different stuff used for decorating cupcakes, gumdrops are simply the best. They are available in several colors, and you can cut them, shape them, and use them creatively to make different designs. For a simple design, you can decorate the cupcake with white or colorful frosting. Then, arrange purple colored gumdrops in the shape of a bunch of grapes on the cupcake. Secondly, you can even make funny facial features using colorful gumdrops.
Candy Corns
Although candy corns are more popular during Halloween, you can use them for cupcake decoration. Ice the cupcake and arrange candy corns vertically around the edge of the cupcake. You can even arrange them horizontally in the shape of a star or a flower with a gumdrop as the center. Another idea is to arrange candy corns in the shape of alphabets.
Frosting, Jam and Jelly
You can use yellow colored frosting to create smiley faces on cupcakes and decorate it with fruit leather. As fruit leather is easy to cut, you can use it to create different shapes like a heart, star, etc. Secondly, you can fill the center of the cupcake with jam or jelly, and then decorate it with fondant or frosting. Thirdly, cupcakes topped with freshly grated coconut or cherries or gumdrops also look and taste awesome.
You can decorate a cupcake like a soccer ball, baseball or basketball, just by using colorful icing, and drawing with the help of an icing pen. Another idea is to cover the cupcake with chocolate fondant and embellish it with fresh fruit pieces like strawberries, cherries, apples, or even nuts. You can even generously sprinkle chocolate or rainbow jimmies; use chocolates or peppermints on the fondant covered cupcake.
Along with these ideas, you can even come up with your own innovative ideas to create a unique birthday cake. You can try out different combination of these cupcake decorations and transform them into tempting birthday cupcakes. Good luck!
Pink Cupcake
Gourmet chocolate iced cupcakes
Ghost Cupcake
Birthday Cupcake
Cupcake and candles
Happy Birthday Cupcake
Cupcake Decorated With Paper Umbrella
Homemade Easter eggs cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes
Beautiful cupcakes with berries
Birthday cupcakes with balloons on a blue background
Vintage cupcakes on a blue background
Muffin with candle
Photograph of eight cupcakes with candles
Mini Chocolate Cupcakes With White Chocolate Drizzle
Birthday cupcake
Cupcakes with sparklers
Gumballs on birthday cupcakes
Bright candy covered cupcake with candle close up