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A Guide to Birthday Flowers: Information About Birth Month Flowers

Birthday Flowers: Information On Birth Month Flower
Birthday flowers brighten a birthday with color and aroma. Here is some information about birthday flowers, their meanings, and the messages associated with them.
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Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Close your eyes and imagine a large field that stretches into the horizon and beautiful flowers, such as carnations, violets, daffodils, roses, and gladiolus in full bloom. Then, envision the wind blowing through the flowers and swaying them in a way that resembles a dance and then a melange of aromas spreading throughout the countryside.
Birth month flowers are specific flowers which are traditionally given according to the month that the person is born in.... interesting...right?
Who developed the language of flowers?
The Victorians developed the language of flowers during the highly conservative period of the Victorian era. This was done because they were strongly restricted by the rules of etiquette when it was considered totally inappropriate to express feelings of affection and love.
The language of flowers thus evolved when a message was assigned to a specific flower such as a violet. Now, with the help of flowers, lovers could send hidden romantic messages.
Read on for information about the birth flowers associated with each month.
The carnation is the January birth flower, which means fascination, distinction, and love. The hidden meaning of the carnation during the Victorian era varied according to the color.
Here are the meanings based on the color.
  • The red carnation signified - my heart aches for you.
  • The pink carnation - meant I'll never forget you.
  • The yellow carnation signified - you have disappointed me.
  • The striped carnations signified - I wish I could be with you.
Information about the carnation, the elegant birthday flower
  • The name carnation is developed from the word coronation from the Greek word corone, which means flower garlands.
  • An American city that is located in King County, Washington is also known by the name carnation.
  • The carnation is also called the gillyflower and clove pink.
  • The carnation has been cultivated for the last 2,000 years.
  • The carnation can be defined as a Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red, spice-scented usually double flowers that are widely cultivated in many different colors and varieties.
The February birth flower is the violet which symbolizes chastity, faithfulness, and humility. This flower has a hidden message too which was classified according to its color in the Victorian era.
  • The violet meant - I'll always be true.
  • The cream and white violet signified - let's take a chance.
Information about the violet, the February birthday flower.
  • The violet is defined as a generally low, herbaceous plant. Many flowers of this species have blue plants while others are yellow or white.
  • The name violet is deduced from the word Vias. This word means wayside.
  • The violet is a tropical African plant that is cultivated as a houseplant for its pink and violet flowers.
  • The birthday flower, the violet, has several species that are known as pansies.
  • The violet is sweet-scented and appears at the end of February and finishes blooming at the end of April.
The jonquil (daffodil or the narcissus) is the March birth flower. The flower means domestic happiness and friendship. You are an angel, this is the hidden meaning of this flower that was so favored during the Victorian era. The jonquil is available in the following colors:
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Orange
Information about the jonquil (narcissus or daffodil)
  • The jonquil is defined as a widely cultivated ornamental plant that is native to southern Europe but naturalized elsewhere.
  • This flower has fragrant white and yellow-clustered flowers with a trumpet shaped central crown.
  • The scientific name of this flower species is the Narcissus jonquilla.
  • Jonquil is a term that is adapted from the Spanish word jonquillo which means a rush, which actually refers to the rush-like leaves of the plant.
  • February to May is when this flower blooms.
The April birth flower is the sweet pea, which means goodbye or blissful pleasure. The sweet pea also has a hidden message too which is thank you for a lovely time.
The sweet pea has many varied colors. Because of this reason, many varieties have also been developed.
Information on the April flower, the sweet pea
  • The scientific name of this flower is Lathyrus odoratus.
  • The sweet pea is defined as a climbing garden plant that has fragrant pastel-colored flowers.
  • The name sweet pea is derived from the Latin word Lathyrus odorarus which means pea and fragrant.
The lily of the valley is the May birth flower. This flower signifies humility and sweetness. This flower that was so favored by the Victorian era has that it has a hidden message too, which is you have made my life complete. The lily of the valley is available in the color white.
Information about the lily of the valley, the graceful May birth flower
  • The lily of the valley is defined as a low-growing perennial plant that usually has two large oblong leaves and small fragrant nodding bell-shaped flowers.
  • This May flower is also known as the May lily.
  • This term is derived from the Latin word maius which means May and anthemon which means flower. This refers to the flowering time of these plants.
The rose is the June birthday flower, and it is a symbol of beauty and love. The hidden message of this flower varied according to the color. Here are the messages based on the color.
  • The red rose signified - I love you.
  • The white rose stood for - I am worthy of you.
  • The orange rose stood for - you are my secret love.
  • The yellow rose meant - I am not worthy of your love.
  • The pink rose signified - please believe me.
  • The white and red signified - we are inseparable.
Information about the elegant birthday flower - the rose
  • The rose is defined as a flower and shrub of any species of the genus rosa.
  • There are more than a hundred species of wild roses available.
  • The name rose is derived from the Latin word rosa.
The larkspur is the July birth month flower which means an open hearted and ardent attachment. The flower that was so favored in the Victorian era had a hidden message, which was dependent on the color of the flower.
  • The pink larkspur symbolized fickleness.
  • The white rose signified joyful and happy-go-lucky.
  • The purple rose meant you have a sweet disposition.
Information about the Larkspur
  • The larkspur is also known as delphinium.
  • The name larkspur is obtained from the spur of the flower, which reminded some people of the parts of the lark.
  • Larkspurs are plants that have very tall stems with many branches.
The August birth flower is the gladiolus which means sincerity and symbolizes strength of character. Love at first sight is what was the hidden message of this flower during the Victorian era.
Gladiolus are available in a variety of colors that include:
  • Red
  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
Information about the beautiful August flower, the gladiolus
  • The gladiolus is also known as the sword lily or the gladiola
  • The Gladiolus is native chiefly to tropical and South Africa and has a sword-shaped and one-sided spikes or brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers that are widely cultivated.
The September flower is the aster which means love, faith and wisdom and symbolizes valor. Not only this, there is also a hidden message behind this flower and that is take care of yourself for me.
The colors the aster is available in are:
  • White
  • Pink
  • Lilac
  • Mauve
  • Red
Information about the Aster
  • The September birth flower is also called stalwarts and the September flower.
  • The name aster is derived from the Greek word for star and refers to the shape of the head of the flower.
  • The definition of the flower is any of the various chiefly fall-blooming herbs of the genus aster which has showy daisy-like flowers.
The calendula (marigold) is the birth flower for the month of October. This flower symbolizes sympathy or sorrow. The message that is hidden in this birth flower is my thoughts are with you.
The calendula (marigold) is available in available in two colors, yellow and orange.
Information about the calendula, the elegant October birth month flower
  • The marigold is also called the calendula as the word means the first day of the month, which refers to the fact that the marigold blooms at the beginning of the month throughout most of the months of the year.
  • The marigold is a name for several plants which have golden yellow blossoms.
The chrysanthemum is the November birth flower, which means with love and cheerfulness. The hidden meaning of this beautiful flower is you're a wonderful friend.
The chrysanthemum is available in the following colors:
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Mauve
  • Yellow
Information on the November birth month flower
  • The chrysanthemum is also known as the mum.
  • The term chrysanthemum is adapted from the Greek words chrysos which means gold and anthos meaning flower.
  • According to Feng Shui, this flower is believed to bring happiness and laughter to the home.
  • Chu-Hsien which means chrysanthemum city was the name that was given to an ancient Chinese city.
The narcissus is the December birthday flower, and it means respect,modesty and faithfulness. Not only this, this flower also has a hidden message which is you're the only one.
The colors the narcissus is available in are:
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White
Information about the narcissus, the elegant December month flower
  • The narcissus is a bulbous flower that has erect linear leaves and showy white and yellow flowers comprising the jonquils and daffodils of several kinds.
  • The narcissus is also known as the daffodil.
  • According to tradition, a daffodil is worn on Saint David's day which is on the 31st of March.
  • The narcissus is a flower that is native to the Mediterranean region with a few species found through central Asia to China too.
Hoping that you enjoyed reading the above piece of information. So, the next time you gift someone a flower, you now know for sure as to what it signifies. Cheers!
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