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Birthday Gift Baskets for Men

Sujata Iyer Apr 19, 2019
Giving a gift basket is one of the best ideas for a birthday. Sure, most people would prefer to buy ready-made ones, but how would you like to customize it for that special man in your life this birthday? Interested? Just read on...
We're constantly on the lookout for gifts that are convenient and at the same time, have a bit of sentiment attached to them. And coming up with something like that for men can turn out to be quite tricky, not to mention frustrating, because men always seem to have everything that they need.
Nevertheless, here, we have made an attempt to come up with ideas that you can incorporate into gift baskets, given that they seem to be the safest gifting option for men. Have a look!

Different Brews

Does your guy enjoy his weekly drink with his buddies at the local pub? How about you get him something that will make his day! Get him a huge basket with every possible beer that you can lay your eyes on.
Choose every brand that you see. Make sure you get the basic type right. He'll love the idea for sure. Or, if he's more into wines and liqueurs, get him different bottles of wine from different parts of the world. It might be a little steep on the budget, but the look on his face will be worth it, right? Make sure you get the right basket and pack it well.

Garden Tools

If your man has a passion for gardening, then there's nothing better than a gardening gift basket to give him on his birthday. It serves two purposes: it shows that you care enough to come up with such a thoughtful gift plus, it makes him happy beyond belief.
You can either get a standard gift basket from a nursery or make one by throwing together things that you think he'll like. Some of the things you can include are a gardening tool kit, a gardening book, packs of seeds that he wanted, gardening gloves, hat and apron, etc. Personalize the tools and clothes by embossing and/or embroidering them with his name.


Toiletries are something that not only women enjoy. Whether men accept that fact or not is a totally different matter. This birthday, pamper your man with an array of wonderful toiletries that he'll enjoy.
An expensive shaving kit, a bottle of his favorite perfume, a shampoo and conditioner in an exotic fragrance, an aromatherapy massage oil, a deliciously fragrant body lotion, and some exotic bath salts are some of the items that you can include in it. Buy all of them of one brand that he likes or experiment and buy different products from different brands.

Chocolate and Candy

An all-time classic when it comes to gift baskets is any kind of chocolate and candy. You're sure to know what his favorite chocolates are. The names, brands, flavors, etc.
What you can do is, if he's particularly fond of a specific flavor of chocolate, get him different brands of chocolates in that particular flavor. You can do the same with candy.
Or you can find out what were his favorite chocolates and candy when he was growing up and hunt around for those chocolates and put them in a huge basket and give them to him. Sweet nostalgia will get the better of him and he'll have you to hold responsible for it.

Assorted Miniatures

Here's a creative and fun gift basket idea for your husband's birthday. Make a list of all his favorite things. Toys, books, sports gear, food, perfume, music, gadgets, drinks, etc. Whatever they are, select those which you can find miniatures of or can have them made.
For instance, you can get minis of perfumes and liquor bottles fairly easily, but sports gear and toys and such things will require to be made. So have a miniature artist make the rest for you and put them together in a miniature basket and give them to him on his birthday. It will be a gift he'll want to flaunt for sure!
Remember, it is the proverbial thought that counts while giving a gift. So even if your basket has something as simple as favorite fruits, he can't complain because you actually took the time out to find out what his favorite fruits are. So, don't worry about the cost, just focus on the sentiment.