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Birthday Invitation Templates That'll Inspire You to Design Your Own

Birthday Invitation Templates
This article shares some insights on birthday invitation templates so that you can design some attractive and interesting birthday invitation cards.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
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Birthdays are always very special. Everyone wants to share the excitement and joy with friends and family. But the excitement is something different when it's your kid's birthday party, especially if its her first birthday. At such occasions, you need to invite a lot of guests, and so, you need to prepare for it many days in advance. Before you think of a venue and the refreshments, it is important to think about invitation cards.
They have to be attractive, catchy, and should reflect the fun quotient. You also have to garnish the card with some heart warming or funny wordings for kids so that they are thrilled to attend the party. But, how to club all these things together? Well, this article would share some idea regarding the same so that you can create your own, free, printable birthday invitation templates. Before going further, however, you need to have a fair idea about the wordings to be used, as they form the core of any invitation card.
Birthday Invitation Wordings
We are throwing a party and its sure to be fun!
Lets all celebrate as Sam is turning seven!!!

Join us for some real fun!
As sweet Shaina has turned just one!!!

Yummy cake, mouth-watering soft drinks, and lots of fun,
Is waiting for you at birthday party of Megan!!!

Some are laughing and some are dancing,
We are having a party, hope you are coming!!!
Apart from the fun and poetic wordings, you can also try some semi formal wordings for older kids. Given below are some examples of the same.

We invite you to celebrate our lil angel's birthday. She has just turned one and need your blessings to have great future.

Merilyn is turning 10! You are cordially invited for a birthday bash on December 5, 2010, at Simpson's Residence, K Street. The party will begin at 7 pm and will go on till you have lots of fun!!
We, The William family, cordially invite you for a surprise birthday party on November 22, 2010, at William Residence, 5560 Pearl Street. Come joint the celebration of our son, David turning 12. Ssshhh...don't tell him!
You can use the above wordings for designing your templates that will certainly make your invitations interesting. The age is a biggest factor while writing any wordings. For example, 1st birthday invitation wording would be different from 50th birthday party invitation wording. So you have to choose the right words and set the right tone.
What to Include in the Layout?
  • When is the birthday?
  • Who's birthday it is?
  • How old he or she has turned?
  • Where is the birthday party venue?
  • At what time the party starts?
It is better to send the invitations a week or at least three days before the party so that the invitees can plan for the party well in advance. The above things will help them buy age appropriate gifts, and it can also help them don the right attire. You can decorate the invitation with crayons, colors, sequins, laces, ribbons, pictures, and add a variety of embellishments to make them attractive. You can also type and design the invitation card on computer and take a printout on a fancy handmade or colorful paper.