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Wonderful Wordings for Birthday Invitations

Mukta Gaikwad Sep 30, 2018
Birthdays are an excuse for people to get together with their family and friends and have a loads of fun. You can script your own wordings for your birthday party to make the celebration fun-filled and memorable!
Birthday celebrates the occasion called 'life'. It is the most special day of the year, and by the virtue of that calls for a party. A grand birthday with your friends, family, and loved ones has to be unique, that will go down in history, until next year! To get all these people together you have to send out invitations.
Once you have decided the theme for your party, you can pen down some funny or cute invitation wordings that will inform your guests about the party. Sending out invitations will also help in getting a headcount of actual number of people attending the party to plan it properly.

Kids Birthday Invitations Wording

First birthday of your bundle of joy is the moment you've been waiting to celebrate. Make the invitation all the more special and personalized, with cute and warm birthday invitations wording for your kid.
Come one, come all and join the fun!
Our baby Einstein is turning 1!
First teeth, first curls, she's crawling around
Spencer is growing by leaps and bounds.
There is one more first to celebrate
With balloons, a candle, and a cake!
Our little prince is turning one,
We hope you can join us to have some fun!

Surprise Birthday Parties

Meaning of celebrating birthdays gets lost somewhere, when we think we are growing older. Get the party started with some surprise invitations!
Shhh... You're invited to a surprise birthday party

Surprise! Surprise!
The champagne is poured
The table is set
It's a surprise party he'll never forget!
Shhh...It's a Surprise!

Harry told me
"No party...get me golf clubs instead!"
but when have I ever listened
to a thing that he's said.
So I decided to invite
those we hold dear
to help us celebrate
his 30th Year!

Just a Birthday Party

If it's not the 1st birthday party, not even a surprise birthday party, then it's just a birthday party, and all the more, a reason to celebrate! Here are some great birthday quotes to add a personal element to the party.
Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle!
Bob Hope
A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age!
By Robert Frost

Fun Birthday Party Wordings

Ha! Ha! Ha! Do you think I care....
It's my 65th birthday and I'm on Medicare!
Say it ain't so... Carolyn's going to be the big 8-0!
The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age!
By Lucille Ball
To make your birthday invitation memorable, use the person's name in an interesting way. You can use the age of the birthday boy or girl in the invitation. But remember, using the girl's age after she's turned 18 would be rude. So play safe! You can mention the person's favorite things like pets, colors, and songs to make the birthday cards unique.
Invitations wordings are the best, when they come from the heart. Writing these words by yourself, will make the party very special. Bring out the pen and paper and write some fantastic wordings to get the party started, which none would forget!