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Innovative Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni Sep 30, 2018
So, you are planning the birthday party of your little kid and are in search of birthday invitation wording ideas. Invitations with good wordings can give a good start to the celebration. Here are some interesting wording ideas...
Parents always want to see their kids happy and want these moments to be a part of wonderful memories that they can rejoice. Birthdays are some of the celebrations of life that make such memorable moments.
Throwing a birthday party needs a lot of planning and arrangements and birthday invitations are a part of this planning.
It is necessary that we invite our guests in a different manner and birthday invitation wordings help us to achieve this. Let us take a look at some examples for wordings for birthday invitations.
Before deciding the birthday invitation wording, there are some things to come along with the wording. These include, name, and age of the kid, correct address of the venue, contact number, timing of the party, etc.
If you are arranging the party with a specialized party theme, then mention it in the invitation card. Also, if you want your guests to wear clothes according to the theme, then clearly make a note of the dress code in the invitation.

Wording Ideas for Birthday Invitations

Your Kid's First Birthday

Celebrating first birthday of your child is one of the most precious moments in your life. So, the invitation wordings should be written very carefully. Here are some sample wordings for birthday invitation cards for when your child turns one.
First tooth, first step, first smile, first laugh, first birthday!
Please join us in celebrating (name of the kid)'s special day!
(name of the kid) learned to laugh and squeal, then stand and sit,
And now he/she can walk if you hold his/her hand.
But the fun has just begun
Join us to celebrate, (name of the kid), is turning one!
Your presence is requested at
A moment of transcendence.
The mystery of (name of the kid) turning one
Requires your attendance.
You will accomplish something more
Than favor, fun, or duty
By witnessing the passage of
A moment of great beauty.
Can you believe (name of the kid)'s first year is done?
Please join us as we celebrate him turning one!
One tiny candle placed on the cake.
One first birthday wish to make!

Birthday of Your Twins

If you have twins then you can go for some more specialized birthday invitation wordings. Here are some examples for birthday invitations for twins.
First birthdays are special and barbecues are fun.
Please join us to celebrate as our miracles turn one!
One was fun but now we're turning two!
(names of the twins)
want to celebrate with you

Birthday of Older Children

Let us now see some wording ideas for older children.
Bang the drum,
Toot the horn,
It's a party!
Can you come?
(name of the kid) is turning (age of the child),
so come on over to swim and dive!
There will be cake, ice cream,
and all our favorite treats,
and the pool will help
us beat the heat!
Wear your leotards -
we'll jump, bounce and cheer
Come help celebrate
(name of the kid) (age)th year!
Join us at one - then at three we're all done!
Can't tumble over?
(name of the person to be contacted) - (contact number)
Please join us in wishing
a very happy (age of the kid)th birthday to
(name of the kid)
On (date of the birthday party) at (timing)
Regrets only to (name of the person to be contacted)!
(contact number)
These were some interesting birthday party invitations wording ideas. After finalizing the wording, decide whether you want to print the cards or prepare handwritten cards by yourself. Use the mentioned samples and prepare a short, sweet but catchy invitation for your guests.