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Birthday Party Favors for Teenagers

Tulika Nair Mar 24, 2019
While organizing a teenager's birthday party, deciding on good birthday party favors can be quite a task. Here, we give you a few ideas that will help you decide on the party favors.
It is your daughter's birthday party and everything has been arranged for. The menu is done, the decorations are put up, and the entertainment is set. But you suddenly remember that you still do not have good party favors for teenagers. What do you do? How do you know which are the best party favors for teens?
Well, the best way to do so would be to obviously consult your own daughter as she would be the best judge as to what her friends would like. And if you are still at a loss for ideas, then you could probably use on of the ideas given here.

Party Favors for Teenagers

With teenagers thinking of a party favors that would truly appreciate can be quite a task. You need to tread that fine line between giving them a gift that is not too childish and a gift that does not seem to mature for their age.
It also needs to take into account the age of the guests at the party and the interests that the group of teenagers share. Here are some of the favors that you can opt to give guests at a party.


Teenage girls and guys both love accessories and you can cater to this by giving them party favors like key chains, jewelry, earrings, rings, sunglasses, wallets, purses, etc. There is no end to the kind of accessories that can make their way into the party favor bag.


While this may seem like an expensive idea, t-shirts for guys, and tops for girls can be obtained for a discounted rate.
You can also opt to have plain tops that teens can paint on and expand their creative horizons.

Gift Certificates

While this may seem like a slightly impersonal idea, in fact this works well. Give them gift certificates to their favorite coffee shop or their favorite music store. Present this gift certificate to them in style. Place it in a coffee mug, or attach it to a balloon.


It is kind of difficult to go wrong with this as a party favor. Give every guest a ticket to a movie that is long awaited. Team it up with a gift certificate that also allows them to buy refreshments during the movie. What can be better than this?


Teenager loves music and what can be a better idea than giving them Blue ray discs or USB drives with a collection of music. Get your teenager to help you out with the collection for the CD. Try to add music from different genres to cater to a wide range of taste.
These are just some of the options that you can try out. If it is an all girls party and you are looking out for party favors, then you could probably create a makeup bag with all those cosmetics that are appropriate for their age and that they are sure to love.
For a guy's birthday party, you can consider favors that include sporting items like skateboard accessories, surfing accessories, etc. Individual personalized gifts like photos can also work well as birthday favors. If you live next to the beach, then you can probably opt for favors like flip-flops, beach towels, etc.
Choosing birthday party favors for a teenager's party can be quite a task as it is extremely easy to go wrong. You never know what is cool with kids and what is not. The best way to come up with a perfect gift for a teenager's party is to ensure that you take your child's opinion into consideration as it will be difficult to go wrong with expert opinion.