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Savory Food Ideas to Celebrate the Happiest Birthday Party Ever

Saptakee Sengupta Apr 21, 2019
It's easy to say that food is the most important aspect of any party or occasion. Good planning on the food menu will ensure that the guest returns home in a good frame of mind, after the event. Here's presenting you with some good birthday party food ideas, that cater to the preferences of the kids and the adults.
A party ends well when people express their delight after relishing the food. Lots of wows and appreciation for the tasty birthday treat complete your celebration. Deciding the menu is a difficult part of the preparations. So how would you go ahead? What will be the items on the food menu tonight? Here we will tell you about it.

The Grand Menu

The food preferences are entirely different, especially when it comes to kids and adults. Do not mess up with numerous items. Decide menus that every one can eat well. Put up separate stalls if the place is huge. Or else you can organize your dining table if the party is a small one.


Guests have gathered and it's time to serve them some tasty snacks in the evening. This is how you welcome your guests with etiquette and cordiality. And kids simply love to grab.


Fruit punches, shakes, and dishes of assorted fruits are the best things to serve your kids. You can also place a huge bowl of candies, chocolates, cookies, and cakes. They can pick up whatever they wish to eat.


A glass of chilled beer or red wine is the best way to start a party. Along with these, you can serve some finger chips or shredded chicken fries and vegetable chips. A cup of coffee, tea, or canned juices are also a good option.


Appetizers should be light and not very heavy. Your guests will enjoy the main course only when the appetizers are served well. Here are a few ideas for kids and adults.


There are many appetizer recipes for kids. Some eye-catching menus for kids are egg rolls, sausages, pastas, sweet corn soup, and garlic bread. You can also arrange for some yummy cheese and butter dips for the kids.


Improvise the menu with spices and toppings. Dry and roasted chicken recipes garnished with spices along with a hot creamy soup is a wonderful menu for appetizers. Dips of spinach, garlic, and cheese are healthy recipes.

Main Course

The most confusing part is deciding the main course menu. After consuming appetizers, people usually feel hungry and relish the food with utmost satisfaction.


Kids are more fond of non-veg and fast foods. You can arrange for a few varieties of pizzas, garnished with chicken slices. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage breads are great ideas for a birthday party dinner for kids. You also add chips and popcorn to their menu.


The main course menu can be combined with a variety of drinks. Arrange for some vintage brands of whiskey and vodka. Serve them on a separate table. Sandwich wheels stuffed with plenty of vegetables, salsa wraps, along with an Italian chicken salad is a great menu.


The fun ends with savoring some wonderful dessert recipes. A sweet treat after a heavy meal is the best part of enjoying the event. Desserts are loved by kids and adults both and the options are numerous. The selected ideas for dessert recipes are listed here.


Chocolate fondue, jelly cakes, and chocolate fountains are simply awesome. You can also make children's cocktails with ice creams. Chilled custards served with fruit toppings make wonderful dessert recipes for kids.


A glass of cocktail or mocktail is a great way to end the party with. You can check out the recipes and set aside a table for these drinks. Fruit bloats and ice creams also complement celebrations of an adult birthday party.
The recipes for birthday party food ideas are many. Thus, you have to be a little wise to pick up menus that will not only be liked by your guests, but will also reduce your workload. This way you can spend more time with the celebrations and your guests. Have a great time.