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A Collection of Birthday Party Game Ideas for Kids And Adults

Aastha Dogra Mar 14, 2019
Read on to know some really interesting birthday party game ideas, for both kids as well as adults. With some creativity and organization you can make the event interesting and memorable.
If you are planning a birthday party, and you want it to be a great one, besides the venue, food, and decor, you need to plan the entertainment part really well.
After all, your guests will not remember the food that they ate, nor the decor, but they will certainly remember how much fun and entertaining the event was! And one of the best ways to make these parties interesting, is by keeping some fun games.

Kids' Games

Pass the Parcel and Dance!

We all know of the game passing the parcel, wherein music is played and the kid in whose hand the parcel remains, when the music stops, is out. Now, this can be made even more fun, by introducing a twist to it.
Instead of the parcel, keep a bowl to be passed among the kids. In the bowl, place a number of chits, with things like, "moonwalk like Michael Jackson" or "stand on one leg for two minutes" written on them. So now, the kid who is out has to perform something to entertain his friends! Believe me, it can be quite amusing to watch the kids in action!

Hunt for the Cake!

Another interesting game for kids is to plan a "birthday cake hunt". When the kids arrive at the venue, tell them that someone has stolen the cake and now they need to find it! Read a clue to them and send them on a hunt.
This fun game needs a bit of pre-planning and you need to leave various clues, leading up to one another, at various places in your house. When the kids are one step short of reaching the cake, keep the hidden cake on the cake table. To add to the fun, the final clue should lead the kids back to the cake table!

Catch the Leader!

Start this game by sending out a child from the room. The rest then choose a leader, whose actions they will follow. When the child reenters the room, the leader starts rubbing his nose and the others follow suit. He changes actions after every five seconds, sometimes touching his lips with his fingers, sometimes slapping himself on the head and so on.
The kid has to find out the leader among the followers. It can be lot of fun, looking at the child as he/she frantically looks around to find the leader! Likewise, this game is repeated with the other guests and every time the correct leader is identified, a small prize if given!

Games for Adults

Drink for a Miss!

Drinking games are always a hit at adult birthday parties. To play this one, sit in a circle and start with saying the name of any celebrity, say Shakira.
Now, the person sitting next to you has to name another celebrity whose name starts with the last alphabet in the name of the celebrity mentioned earlier, in this case, letter "a". Every person gets just five seconds to name the celebrity.
The game goes on, till someone is unable to find a celebrity name. This person then has to take a drink. As the game progresses and more and more people gets intoxicated, the game can turn out to be quite fun!

How Well You Know Me!

If you are looking for 50th birthday party games, then this one fits the bill perfectly. It involves the birthday boy/girl asking certain questions about himself to the guests and giving away a chocolate or a candy for every right answer.
To make it interesting, include some funny questions as well. Since it's the 50th birthday, you can actually keep a 50 question quiz and also keep a count of who answers the most correctly. At the end of the quiz, give a small gift to that person. In most cases, it will be the spouse, so better choose the gift carefully!

Kiss Me!

To play this game, have your guests stand in a circle, with no two males or females standing adjacent to each other. Holding the beer bottle, you have to say something like, "I love this beer bottle and I feel like kissing it on the mouth (or bottom or middle or side or whatever a person wants to kiss it on!).
The bottle is then passed to the next person and they too say the same thing, however, they choose a different part of bottle to kiss than the person before them had chosen. Likewise, the bottle passes through the entire circle till it reaches the end.
Now, the fun part begins. The first person has to kiss the woman standing next to him, at the same place he said he wanted to kiss the bottle! Likewise, the female kisses the man standing next to her and so on!
Birthdays are a very special day for any person, whether he is six or sixty and it is the ideas such as the ones mentioned, which make them memorable!