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Birthday Party Games for Adults

Indrajit Deshmukh Feb 15, 2019
Games for adults in a birthday party should be fun and entertaining to make the day memorable for everyone. Here are a few ideas of such games that you can organize.
A birthday is a day for celebrations and revelry. People attending birthday parties come with an intention of relaxing and de-stressing from their everyday routine. Hence, apart from good food and booze, one should organize some fun-filled games in the party as well.
Doing so is not even a tedious task. All you will need is a little time and imagination to come up with some entertaining games. Take a look at the following examples.

Pass The Shot

This game is a variation of 'pass the parcel'. Instead of a box, pass an empty glass around the group and play some music. When the music stops, the one holding the glass will take a shot of alcohol and complete a pre-decided task. As the game goes along, it will be hilarious to watch people struggling with menial tasks like threading a needle.

The Blind Guide

Set up an obstacle course using the furniture in the house and keep some spoons and lemons ready. Divide the guests into two teams. Call a member from the first team and blindfold him/her. He/she is supposed to balance the lemon on the spoon using his/her mouth and navigate through the obstacle course at the same time.
The team members can guide the blindfolded person by shouting navigational instructions; the opposing team can try to mislead and confuse the person. Once the course is completed, pick a person from the other team and repeat the game. Every time a team member completes the task, re-arrange the obstacle course to keep the interest levels high.

Drunk Musical Chairs

Arrange a row of chairs and place a shot of booze beneath each chair. Make a few chits with some embarrassing punishments. They could include singing a song, dancing alone with one hand tied at the back, or some other funny activity. Have one chair less than the number of participants; for example if you have 12 guests, arrange only 11 chairs.
Now play the music and ask the guests to circle the chairs. Stop the music abruptly and ask the person left without a chair to select a chit and perform the embarrassing task. Those occupying the chairs will drink the shot of booze kept underneath their chairs.
For the next round, refill the glasses with booze, and remove one chair from the arrangement. The game will get crazier as the guests will get tipsier with every round.
These were a few examples of the kind of games adults would enjoy playing. You can even play the usual games like truth or dare, charades, bingo, and strip poker with fun-filled variations of your own.
Do not forget to be safe while having all the fun. The games involving alcohol consumption should not be played by people who are going to drive later.