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Gratifying Birthday Party Games for Boys

Parashar Joshi Oct 23, 2018
Are you on the lookout for some cool birthday party games? Well, then you've reached the right place! Here are some interesting boys' birthday party games.
Party games are very much a necessity, be it a retirement party for a 60-year-old, or a birthday party for a 10-year-old. They play an integral part in livening up proceedings, in case of a dull celebration. Here, we will have a look at a few enjoyable games that can be ideal for the boys. So, without wasting any more time, let us see what they are!

Party Games for Boys

Kids birthday parties can be indoor or outdoor, depending on the weather conditions and the party theme. Therefore, here, we will try to include a mix of both indoor as well as outdoor games.
Please note however, that the games mentioned here are mainly for illustrative purposes, i.e., to give you a general idea of the various entertainment activities that can be arranged. You are most welcome to improvise upon them and modify them according to your requirements.

Lego Contest

If you have a bunch of 6-year-olds, then the legendary Lego is a great option to consider.
You can provide each boy with some common Lego construction parts and ask them to build whatever they can imagine. It can be a good way of stimulating the children's creativity. At the same time, witnessing the making of some revolutionary futuristic objects, can be fun too!

Treasure Hunt

This is quite a common party idea but nevertheless, a very popular one and one which always seems to work when everything else fails! Organizing a treasure hunt is something that you can do at both an indoor as well as an outdoor party.
Divide the children into 2-3 teams to introduce the concept of teamwork. You can reward a special prize for the team which displays the best example of teamwork. A scavenger hunt is another exciting game option that you can consider in addition to a treasure hunt.

Who's Got Talent

Have your own version of America's Got Talent in your house! Encourage all the boys to step up and display any talent of their choice within one minute. It could be singing, dancing, poetry, mimicry, acting, stand-up comedy, or any talent of their choice.
Award prizes to each and every child who steps up and performs; not just the eventual winner. This goes a long way in instilling a sense of confidence in the child and this is very, very important if the child happens to be genuinely artistically talented.

Water Balloon Battle

Water balloon games are a fantastic idea for outdoor parties. Get hold of a few water balloon launchers or water balloon cannons. Divide the kids into 2 teams and start a war! Kids love playing with water and this is something that they will find absolutely irresistible.

Theme Games

These are a big hit with children. Depending on the party theme, you can have pirate, adventure, sports-related, or super hero games, and many more. Make sure that all the kids know what the theme is, and that they arrive dressed in accordance with it.
So, you see! Birthday can become a fun treatise if any of the games mentioned here is included in the party that you are going to throw for your kid. Put some music on, and let the children be. They will remember the celebration for a long time. Enjoy and have fun!