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Birthday Party Games for Kids

Shashank Nakate Mar 12, 2019
The games included here can be played by children of different age groups. These activities should help in adding that fun element to such special occasions.
The kids' birthday party games should be enjoyable yet easy to play; they do help liven up a party. Children like to have fun, and engaging them in a certain activity should serve this purpose. The important part is that everybody should get a chance to participate.

Tailor-made Activities for Kids

Candy Toss

The Candy Toss is a nice and simple game, which requires items such as wrapped candy pieces, bowls (5 - 6), and a masking tape. The masking tape should be used to create a line on the floor. Bowls need to be placed on this line from one end to the other.
Children should be lined up and given a chance to play this game, one by one. Points can be awarded to make such party activities interesting. Tossing the candies in bowls that are at a longer distance should help earn more points.

Balloon Darts

This is one of the interesting activities for kids, where balloons are made to function as darts. For this, one would require a cardboard, balloons, and a masking tape. Since it involves the use of balloons, there is always a danger of choking.
Therefore, the game should be used for those who are old enough to understand these dangers. The cardboard should be used as a target and taped on a wall with a masking tape. A line at a distance of 10 feet from the target should be made.
Each of the players should be given a balloon. This game involves the activity of blowing balloons and aiming at the cardboard target. The player whose balloon reaches maximum distance (i.e., nearest to the cardboard) should be declared as the winner.

Simon Says

It is the commonly played fun games. In this activity, one player is assigned a leader's task; others have to follow the leader. The leader should perform an action while saying "Simon Says." Other players have to follow this action.
The leader, at times, should omit "Simon Says" while performing the actions. Those players who follow his actions in such cases should be eliminated. The key to this activity is staying alert and attentive. The elimination of players carried out in this manner should finally result into a single winner.

Treasure Hunt

It is one of the interesting outdoor birthday party activities; this game can also be played indoors. Players to be included in this activity should not be limited by a certain number. Objective for players is to find out a hidden object or locations.
Children can work in teams and plan about searching for items during the treasure hunt activity.

Wii Sports Tournament

It seems to be a fun activity for kids who enjoy playing video games. The Wii games are especially suitable for children. Wii tournament can be best arranged for a group of 7 - 8. This provides every child with a chance to play.
There are many different games, which can be played using the Wii video game console. This idea should prove to be the best activity; in fact, children would surely enjoy such a tournament.
The different games described are fun to play. Such activities allow kids to work in teams. They get to know each other very well. Moreover, such activities make birthday parties enjoyable and memorable.