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Birthday Party Games To Play At Home

Sheetal Mandora Mar 14, 2019
Whoever said that only kids love birthday party games to play at home is wrong. Here, we will see some fun birthday party games for kids and adults...
What makes a birthday party special? Well, lots of things. The joy evident on the birthday boy's or girl's face, the fantastic birthday cake, the food, wonderful friends and happy family members, and so much more; everything combined makes every birthday a special occasion for anyone.
But there's one more thing that can be done to entertain the guests and the birthday boy/girl. Wondering what it is? Birthday party games, of course. We know that after a certain age, having games at your birthday party might seem weird; but we beg to differ.
Who says that playing games comes with the expiry date of our age. You can definitely include fun and entertaining games for everyone to play. And to help you have the best time at your own birthday party, take a look at the following outdoor and indoor games that can be played.

Kids' Party Games

Kids are the most excited about their birthdays because they get to invite all their friends from school and the neighborhood. Plus, there's the yummy birthday cake, food, and beverages to enjoy.
However, you can control them only for sometime with the delicious treats, hence you require interesting games to keep them busy. So let's not disappoint them and see some games to be played for a birthday party at home for kids.

Paint a Picture

For this game, you will need to collect some supplies like paint, brushes, and colorful hats. Depending on the number of kids, make two groups and have them stand with their team members. In this game, each team gets their supplies and will be given about 10-15 minutes to draw something on each other's faces.
They can paint animals, birds, cartoon characters, or abstract art on their faces. This game doesn't have any winners or losers. It will be played to see their creativity. Also, kids are going to get dirty playing this game so if you can, ask their parents to send either a change of clothes or clothes that they can get dirty.

Hit the Door

To play this game, select one kid to be "It". This kid have to stand next to a door and count "1 o'clock, 2 o'clock...." till "12 o'clock". Meanwhile, others will find a place to hide. When "It" counts till 12 0'clock, he/she will have to yell "midnight". Once he/she says this word, all the kids that were hiding will rush towards the door "It" is guarding.
"It" has to tag them and stop them from hitting the door. If "It" is successful enough to stop everyone from hitting the door, then someone else will be "It". If not then the game continues. You can play this game in the backyard as well where the back door or the swing needs to be guarded.

Dance Mania

This is a fun game that can be played by boys and girls. You will need as many players as possible and a DJ or radio.
Ask some of the parents to be judges and you (the parent) can work the radio. Make two teams and ask the kids to start dancing as soon as the music begins. The rules of the game is that no one will stay still or stand in his/her place when the music is on; every kid has to keep moving and dancing. Start the music so that the kids can begin dancing.
Whoever stops dancing, the judges will keep a score and ask them to go out of the dance floor. Whichever team's players are left behind, wins. To make this game even more fun, ask the kids to dance in funny steps and imitate each other.

Adults' Party Games

This year, while celebrating your birthday, become kids once again. Bring back old memories of your childhood when you used to play games with your friends. And to do so, organize some fun games that your "elder" friends can also play and enjoy. Have you thought of anything yet? If not, then we can be of some help.

The Movie Train

In this game, one person has to start by saying a celebrity's name. The next person will then either say the name of the movie that celebrity worked in, the name of his/her co-star, or husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend.
The game will continue till someone goofs up and can't think of a link to add to the game. For example - Jessica Biel ~ The A-Team ~ Bradley Cooper ~ The Hangover ~ Justin Bartha ~ National Treasure .... so on and so forth.

Say 'No'

The rules of the game are very easy. When the guests arrive, you have to give each of them a lei to wear around their necks. This is important because when the game begins, all the guests have to win leis from each other by making them say 'no' in the process.
You can ask questions, make jokes, or do anything possible to get that word out of them. And when they say the magic word, you get the lei. The guest who has the most leis, wins the game.

Guess Who

To play this game, you need to ask each guest to pick a celebrity's name. When the game begins, one person will stand up and will be interviewed by other guests. The answer to the questions are supposed to be given in that celebrity's manner.
The player has to talk, walk, and behave the way the celebrity does. As for the guests, they have to figure out who that player is imitating and try to guess the name.
If you want more games for your party, then you can opt to play some board games, card games, Dumb Charades, Truth or Dare, have a Hula Hoop competition, or play Hide-and-Go-Seek. Whichever games you select, ask everyone to join in because that's the only way to have tons of fun.