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Best Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Parul Solanki Oct 21, 2018
Planning a birthday party and have run out on birthday ideas for girls? Well, here are some great birthday party ideas for girls of all ages that is sure to make the day special for her.
This is for all those who are stuck to and are planning the same boring princess theme party for your girl's birthday this year. Not that there is anything wrong with those pink Rapunzel and Cinderella princess birthday parties.
However, it would probably be suitable for a one-year-old, rather than your teenager. Choose some unique and fun birthday ideas that are sure to make your big bash a hit, with your beautiful angel and her friends!

Birthday Party Ideas for Little Girls

Dora the Explorer Theme

This is a fun birthday idea for all those little adventure lovers with fun party games, activities, and "Dora the Explorer" supplies. The party invitations can be shaped like a Dora style map.
For creating a great festive atmosphere, you can recreate the "Spooky Forest" with green streamers hanging from the ceiling and have butcher paper cutouts of shrubs and trees. The guests can arrive dressed up in bright colored hats, scarves, and vests so reminiscent of Dora.
Games can include "Walk the Puzzle bridge", where felt stone cutouts are placed and numbers are written on them.
As the music is played, the children walk on the stones, and as soon as the music is stopped, a number is called out. Whoever is standing on the number, receives a small treat or candy.

Little Girls Dress up Party

Little girls love to dress up, and the glitter and glamor of a dress up party is a great way to mark the big day for your little girl.
For the invitations, use cutouts of purses, stars, or hearts, and decorate them with lots of glitter and ribbons. To add a touch of glamor, you can hand deliver the invitations with a lip gloss or a nail polish attached to it.
The party decorations should also include loads of streamers, balloons, and sequins. Have fun with activities like making body glitter or decorating some things like photo frames or mirrors. The party favor can include a cool purse with jewelry, lip gloss, stickers, hair ties, and a treat.

Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Girls

It is obvious that the birthday party of a 13-year-old would differ from parties held for a 16- or a 17-year-old. However, here are some birthday ideas for girls that is sure to be a hit among preteens and teens of all ages.


This is one old-fashioned party idea that is never going to go out of fashion among your teenagers.
Have the friends of your teenage girl bring in their sleepover bags and a set of extra clothes, and you are all set for a great party. You can rent movies, have some pizza delivered, and watch the girls have a blast.

Karaoke Birthday Party Idea

This is a party for those young American Idol fans who want to sing and enjoy the night away. For the party, you can either rent or buy a karaoke machine and get some karaoke discs with the top hits of the day.
Hook it up to the TV and you are all set for your karaoke party. Get a singing list in order and have all the girls lending their "beautiful" voice to the songs.

Luau Party for Girls

A pool party or a Hawaiian luau party is a great outdoor teen party idea.
For creating a tropical paradise for your birthday party, you will need Hawaiian lies, some amazing tropical funk music, a limbo bar, palm trees, grass table runners, tropical scene kits, and tiki lights.
There are a host of invitation ideas when planning a luau party. Have your invitations personalized on flip flops or a drink umbrella or simply purchase a ready-made one with great luau graphics. For the party activities, you can organize hula dancing lessons or have fun painting sand scenes.
While deciding the birthday party venue, you can choose to have a party at home or just book a venue. Decide on the activities in advance, and make sure you have all the things and the party supplies in place to make it a great birthday for girls of any age.