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Birthday Party Ideas for One Year Old

Birthday Party Ideas for One Year Old
Birthday party ideas for one year old are difficult to come up with. Let the BirthdayFrenzy Bee help you with your one year old's party this year.
Mukta Gaikwad
The first birthday party for your bundle of joy, is always special. You want to do everything in your capacity to make it memorable and enjoyable. The occasion calls for everybody and all the relatives, as it is the first birthday party. Before you throw the party, there are a few considerations you'd need to think of. To make the event a memorable one, planning is essential. You could always hire an organizer to arrange the party, but with a little help your child's first birthday is sure to be a buzz on the block!
Farm Animals
Old McDonald farm, will make a great theme for the birthday party. You could have people dressed up as farm animals. People can dress up as cows, buffaloes, and rabbits. 'Nailing donkey's tail', would just get real this way! To make it all the more interesting, you can have real animals such as ducks, birds, and sheep. Don't forget to get their trainers though, because 'untamed animals' was not your idea to begin with. Get a few plastic animals to make the party come alive. Or if you have sometime on your hand, you could cut of a few animal posters yourself.
Fairy Tales
Fairy lands have an enigma of their own. The magical land of fairies and pixies could be the perfect birthday party for one year old's. The lovely hues of pink, the brilliance of blue, the ravishing reds, and the glittering green will have your child enamored. Even the guests will be gaping at the splendor of this party idea. To enliven the effect, ask your guests to dress up as fairies, princes, or any of their favorite fairy tale character.
Toy Store
Since the time you've been expecting, toy stores have had a special place in your heart. Create the store that every child dreams of. Usually, kids can only pick the toys they want at a toy store, but not play with it. This time, make a toy store, where the kids can play with the toys. Have balls of various sizes, colors, and with glimmering lights, lots of balloons and the toys one year old play with, this could be a great 1st birthday party idea. Here's your chance at making a wonder emporium worth every child's memory and love.
Colors and Shapes
Colors and shapes is a vibrant idea for baby's first birthday party. Little kids love color and begin to identify them around the age of one. Using a lot of color and using it boldly will make your party vibrant. Kids will be zapped to see rainbows walking around. Use of different shapes can be very special to their eyes.
Order for a birthday cake that suits the theme. Baking a cake and decorating it, takes time so place an order well in advance. As it is the first birthday party, the extended family too is going to be very excited. To avoid missing out on someone, make a list of people you want to have for the occasion. This will give you a clear picture of number of attendees. Listing the names will make sending the invites easier and give the caterer a fair idea of required quantity of food.
Hope that these ideas have given you enough to mull over and throw a lavish birthday party for your child. Let the birthday party come alive in full fervor and color!
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