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Birthday Pranks That'll Make Your Special Day Truly Unforgettable

Birthday Pranks
Birthdays are a fun occasion to play some tricks on, as well as to be nice to, the birthday boy/girl. It's a great occasion to pull some pranks on them, since it is their day. Read on to know about some fun birthday pranks.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Birthdays are a time to celebrate with gifts, cake, balloons, and a party. But, it's also a great time to add some fun and mischief to the happy occasion. Traditionally, the birthday boy/girl is supposed to be treated the best and no one is supposed to be mean to them since it is their big day. But a little prank on them wouldn't hurt if they have a good sense of humor.
Birthday pranks are always meant to be playful and never harm anyone's sentiments. Thus, if you're the one pulling it off, make sure you don't mess up the poor person's birthday instead of making it special. These ideas can be as much fun as you want them to be, provided you give the person his/her birthday present eventually.
There are many pranks one can pull on the birthday boy/girl either in school, college, office, or even at home. If they're expecting a surprise party (which everyone does), you can convince them that there is none through your actions, and then surprise them with one! Like this, there are many more pranks put together down here just for you, so go ahead and have fun.
  • Switch the Clock:
    Once the birthday boy/girl is off to sleep the night before the big day, reset all the clocks in the house and cell phones two hours back. That means, if it is 2 a.m., reset the clocks to 12 a.m. Thinking that it is his/her birthday, the person will wake up 2 hours early waiting for calls or wishes. But they will have to wait another two hours for all the celebration, and that can really test their patience.
  • Balloons and Balloons:
    If it is one of your co-worker's or friend's birthday, you can bring hundreds of balloons and stack them up either in his/her room or in the cubicle where he/she works. Also, remove all the stuff from the cubicle or the room in another store area. The sweet surprise of so many balloons will soon be converted into horror at where all their stuff is gone. Then, you can send the birthday boy/girl on a treasure hunt for all his/her things and have a good laugh.
  • Sand Hole at the Beach:
    If you're at the beach during a friend's birthday, take him/her out in the sand and lie down on the sand over towels for some sun. Ask the person to get you a drink and while he/she is gone, dig a hole in the sand where he/she is lying and place the towel exactly where it was. Make sure the hole is fairly large so that the person falls right into it. When the victim comes with the drink, take the drinks first so they don't spill, and then let him/her enjoy the great fall in the sand hole while you enjoy a good laugh and a drink.
  • Post-Its all Over:
    You can stick as many post-its all over the walls and things in the birthday boy/girl's room, car, or cubicle. Cover every inch of every object with the post-its. This will really annoy the birthday person and when he/she has really had enough, surprise him/her with a decorated room and throw them a party! That will definitely be a fun prank to pull off at anyone who is expecting to have a wonderful birthday.
With these healthy pranks, you would definitely have fun at the expense of the birthday boy/girl, as they are not very offensive. If they hurt anyone, you can always surprise them with a lovely party, so the birthday boy/girl will also take it in good humor.
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