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Fascinating Birthday Presents to Sweep Your Wife Off Her Feet

Birthday Presents for Wife
Who wouldn't enjoy a breakfast-in-bed? Your wife too must be dreaming that one day she will have someone to cook her a nice breakfast. So be her cook in a shining apron! You can make her a breakfast that she'll love. Or if you don't know much about cooking, you could try your hand at making a simple coffee!
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
As men, we aren't quite adept at getting gifts for women. Good gift ideas simply elude us! But while we can ignore other women or buy them something thoughtless, we really have no excuse to not find a perfect gift for the one we love the most in the world. So what would be a good birthday present for wife? Let us take a look.
I guess the best birthday present is jewelry. Women just love a new ring, necklace or earrings. Although diamonds are their favorite, not all of us may be able to afford them. So go for slightly cheaper jewelry options like silver or pearl. It is something to cherish and lasts a lifetime. And what better way to a woman's heart than through jewelry?
I'd suggest that you keep a keen eye on what she has been looking at and in which shop for a few days. It might be designer clothing or maybe a designer handbag. You can surprise your wife by buying it for her. It will make her even happier as it will show her that you can tell what she wants!
Every woman craves for a massage. So, on the occasion of her birthday, a good idea would be to gift a voucher for a spa treatment. Give her a day where she can relax and be pampered. Or if she enjoys your touch more, you could give her a massage yourself. After all, she pampers you all yearlong so you can give her this day to pamper herself!
A slightly unusual gift would be a portrait of her. You could hire a professional to do it, or maybe do it yourself if you think you're good at it! Women are generally self-obsessed so you could spoil her (in a good way of course!) with a painting of her in your bedroom.
gift for the future kid
If your wife is pregnant, there are a host of gifts you can buy for her! A good birthday present is pictures of babies or a book about how to deal with pregnancy or new pregnancy clothes. The massage idea also applies here as she surely needs one, carrying the baby everywhere.
You could probably even take her out on a holiday for a couple of days. You could let her enjoy her birthday in some of the most picturesque spots. Once you go there the breakfast-in-bed and the massage will follow!
time together
If you both work day in and day out, then time is the simplest and the best gift you can give her. Make sure both of you have all your appointments canceled, pamper her by sending her off to a spa, where she can think of a way to spend, let's say 20 hours, together, in whatever way she wants.
And finally, if you can't think of what to buy her or are unsure if she'll like the gift, why not take her out and let her do it herself? As it is women love shopping, so instead of coming home from work, you could take her out and let her shop to her heart's content! These were some ideas for birthday presents for wife. But remember, of all the gifts you can buy, you can never buy the one thing she craves the most: your love. That is something that is free and something your wife craves for the most!
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