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Lovely Lyrical Birthday Rhymes to Make Your Loved One Smile

Birthday Rhymes
Whether it's for a kid, teenager, adults in their late 40s or even grandparents, all sorts of birthday rhymes are available for the special occasion.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Birthday holds a special place in each of our hearts. It's the day we entered this world and it's the day that marks how many glorious years we have completed on this planet. As each year goes by, new memories are added to the previous ones. Kids enthusiastically wait for their birthdays to arrive, simply because it's one day of the year where all eyes are fixed on them, not to mention the fun and excitement involved with the birthday party and the gifts that follow. Birthday songs, birthday rhymes, birthday poems, etc. add to the cheer of the occasion.
Happy Birthday Rhymes
Handmade cards are more precious than store bought ones, simply because a lot of effort has been put in by the giver. The sentiments behind a handmade card is always greater. Now, after making a wonderful card, one requires to add a lovely birthday rhyme to complete the card. While one can write one's own birthday blessing poem, others who are not so creative can take help from the birthday rhymes given below.
Birthday Blessings
Happy birthday card
Another year's gone by,
Leaving behind cherished memories,
This new year's also set to fly,
So make sure you set aside your worries,
And make the most of moments in life.

- Anonymous
Hope you laugh your heart out this year,
Pray you peace and joy this year,
Hope the best in life for you,
Whatever you do, may life be good to you.

- Anonymous
Kids Birthday Rhymes
The Birthday Cow
Happy Mooday to you,
Happy Mooday to you.
Happy Mooday
Dear Yooday,
Happy Mooday to you!

- Anonymous
Happy Birthday to Me!
Hand holding out small cake
__1st name__ __last name__ has a birthday.
Hip, hip, hooray!
And on her cake, she has _ candles.
What a happy day!
With a puff puff here
And a puff puff there,
Here a puff
There a puff
Everywhere a puff puff
__1st name__ __last name__ has a birthday.
Hip, hip, hooray!

- Anonymous
Happy 40th Birthday Rhymes
Birthday Surprise
Happy birthday, who would have thought?
Inside the box, guess what I brought!
I'm sure you'll like it, more as you age,
You are the focus, on center stage.

All these years, memories created,
I did not choose, we're simply related.
Knowing you, like the back of my hand,
Remember the time, we played in the sand?

I picked it myself, decision was clear,
Once you see it, I'm expecting a Cheer!
I know you will need them, on your Adventures,
Inside the box, a new set of dentures!

- Martin Dejnicki
Age and Laughter
Happy birthday, you're not getting old,
Stay in the game, it's not time to fold.
Wrinkles and gray hair, are just a new look,
Countless experiences, you should write in a book.

A birthday is seldom, a serious occasion,
Try not to take it, like the d-day invasion.
Laughter and jokes are within sight,
Stock up on both, all through the night.

- Martin Dejnicki
Funny Birthday Rhymes
Young at Heart
Happy birthday young at heart,
So many decades, where to start?
With energy, like that pink bunny,
You make us look lazy, that's not funny!

Never-ending old school ways,
Filled with stories, to Amaze!
Listening has been lost with age,
You belong on theater stage.

If you manage to forget,
We'll remind you, don't you fret.
Happy birthday young at heart,
Smile with joy, you old fart.

- Anonymous
Careless Birthday
I have known you quite a while,
When you talk, you make me smile.
A special friend, I will probably keep,
If you buy me, a cool jeep.

It's your birthday, I nearly forgot,
Searched online, bought you squat.
Hope you don't turn all bitter,
Since you've never been a quitter.

I nearly quit, writing this verse,
Mind is blank, it's a curse.
Soon, your party will be here,
If I wake up, I'll surely appear.

- Anonymous
You can write down any of the above-mentioned birthday rhymes on a birthday card or on a banner and put it up in the room. You can also prepare a birthday scrapbook and write the poem inside the book. However, choose a rhyme that suits the age and personality of the birthday boy or girl. If you can play a musical instrument or sing, then you could sing the rhyme out to your loved ones. The basic point is to make your loved one smile! Have fun!
Family Birthday Party Outdoors
I'm getting too old for birthday candles
Happy family at a daughters birthday party
Birthday dessert
Big family celebrating birthday together
At birthday party
Happy family celebrating birthday
Happy Birthday
Child birthday party
Birthday celebration at a cafe
Happy Birthday
Children at birthday party
Birthday wish for loved one