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Awesome Birthday Scrapbook Ideas

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Oct 23, 2018
Birthdays are joyful events that come once a year. You can make the occasion even more joyous by gifting a birthday scrapbook, which is sure to take the person on a trip down memory lane. Read on to know some more birthday scrapbook ideas.
Birthdays are special not only for those celebrating it, but also for the people related to them. Birthday parties are planned elaborately, the cakes are special-ordered, and many fun themes are designed. Gifts are planned months in advance just to capture the smile or a small tear of joy in the corner of the eye of our loved ones.
Gifts are planned according to the age, likes, wants, and wishes of the birthday boy or girl. Birthday scrapbooks are a unique and expressive way to show our love and care to our loved ones.
Ideas for birthday scrapbooks are intricately planned as you don't want to miss out on any memory that brings out a smile. Though you do not have to spend big bucks on making a scrapbook, they help you create a priceless treasure to be cherished for life.

Scrapbook Ideas

Rummage through the old albums and attic drawers to search for old photos, letters, and diaries. Ask friends and office colleagues for photos and funny or heartwarming incidents that are worth mentioning in the scrapbook.
You can visit schools and colleges, speak to old acquaintances, past girlfriends and boyfriends, and collect photos, letters, memories, poems, and memorabilia that can be mentioned in the scrapbook. You need to research in case of your parents' anniversary. Your parents will love the extra effort taken by you to make them feel special.
Once you have decided to work on the scrapbook, start your project months in advance. Not only does research and collection of memorabilia need time, but the designing and layout ideas also need some time and effort.

Page Ideas

The scrapbook can be made interesting by decorating the pages creatively. Scrapbook page ideas include using a theme, say, the person's favorite flower or color. For example, if the person is fond of roses and loves the color yellow, then decorate the page using cuttings of yellow roses or sticking the photos and letters on a page printed with yellow roses.
Similar ideas can be applied in case of other favorites, such as fruits, games, favorite actors or sportsmen, etc. Decorate the pages using embellishments and other colorful decorative craft supplies to make them stand out.

Layout Ideas

Birthday scrapbook layout ideas are very important as they are the center point of your work. The layout helps you showcase a single photograph surrounded by other supportive photographs. It also helps move the center of attention away from the page design and towards your photographs, letters, and testimonials.
The basic layout consists of a main photograph and two smaller photographs. They should be positioned in such a way that the main photograph is the first to draw attention. The background color should not merge with the colors in the photographs. Contrasting colors help the photos stand out.
The layout can also be symmetrical or asymmetrical . Arrange all the elements on one side and fill the other with designs. The mirror-image of the layout is created on the opposite page. This layout becomes predictable as each page design will be the same as the other.
The asymmetrical layout creates designs that are different from one another. You can use many colors and embellishments to create a visually appealing layout.
Black and white photographs go well with any color combination. Choose colors that help create a happy and emotional mood. Make the colors interact with each other such that it makes your scrapbook look more exiting and fun.
Involve others in creating the birthday scrapbook. Ask the siblings, grandchildren, children, and closest friends to decorate one page dedicated to the relationship shared by them with the birthday boy/girl.
Birthday scrapbook page ideas can include hobbies and interests. Use a scrapbook that fits your style. Assemble the photographs, letters, etc. and stick them in it. Explore your artistic talents or take the help of someone who is creative and imaginative to make a creative scrapbook.
This gift is a great way of reminiscing the past, and is an invaluable treasure that will be cherished for life. It is a great way to express your love and appreciation for your loved one.