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Birthday Surprises for Your Boyfriend

Neha Joshi Mar 25, 2019
If you are looking for some unusual birthday surprises for your boyfriend, you have come to the right place. These are ideas that are unique and things that he really wouldn't be expecting. Make his birthday a memorable one with these surprise gift elements.
It's your boyfriend's birthday and no idea seems to amuse you enough. Everything either is boring or has already been done before. A birthday is an occasion where you need to do something different, something that cannot be done usually. Surprises are great options but again, you need to do justice to the word surprise.
Mentioned here are some ideas that will surely surprise him a lot and turn him euphoric. He will not only be overwhelmed but also be truly happy. You sure want to know these unusual birthday surprise ideas now, don't you?

Interesting Birthday Surprises for a Boyfriend

A Gift Hunt!

This is one of the most interesting and fun birthday surprises for a boyfriend. Buy him a number of small gifts equivalent to his age number this birthday. Hide these small gifts in different places in and around the house. Create a treasure hunt out of the entire idea and see to it that it isn't easy for him to find all these gifts.
Every gift will be a surprise, and he won't even know how many gifts you have planned to give in the first place. The gifts can be something as simple as his favorite chocolate bar to something as expensive as a watch. Alcohol, music CDs, and books are other options.

Makeover Time!

There are two options, either get yourself a complete makeover and surprise him, or take him for a makeover without a prior notice.
In theĀ first one, you know what to do. In the latter option, you need to plan well. Take appointments earlier, and plan what exactly you want to do. When and where you'd take him for a haircut and buy new clothes and maybe some new footwear too. All this needs to be timed well and should be a complete surprise.

Fly With Him

A romantic vacation is always a good option when it comes to birthday gifts and even better if it's a surprise. Finalize a destination you want to travel to and start booking the tickets. Do the packing and other arrangements well in time.
On his birthday, tell him you want to take him out for lunch and take him directly to the airport. What a surprise it would be. Try to find out destinations he has in mind earlier on. Also, call his office and inform them about his absence from work for a few days. Surely one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend, isn't it?

Crazy Party

A surprise birthday party has become an old idea now and somewhere deep down, I'm sure your boyfriend is expecting it. However, what you can do is, take the whole surprise party to a completely new level by planning more surprises within the party.
Arrange for some amazing and fun drinking games such as 'Beer Pong' and invite at least one person he isn't expecting. You can yourself cook all his favorite food to add another surprise element. Sounds great, doesn't it?

His Favorite Game!

One of the best birthday gifts for your boyfriend, this one is sure to hit the bulls eye. Since you are his girlfriend, you must be knowing his favorite game.
Arrange for a match in the local stadium with a few guys and a few more friends. This is something he really won't be expecting. You can spend the entire day at the stadium playing this game, and you can play with him as well.
There are a lot of other things that you can do as well. A surprise romantic dinner or a scrapbook that contains his long-lost childhood photographs are also great ideas you can try. Make sure you execute your ideas well so that he doesn't find out about your plans under any circumstances. Best of Luck!