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Fabulous Birthday Themes for Adults

Aastha Dogra Oct 8, 2018
Here we list some unique, fun, and interesting birthday themes for adults. So, whether you are planning a birthday party for yourself or for someone special, these themes, if incorporated creatively in the party, are sure to rock it.
The best and the easiest way to organize a birthday party is to select a theme first and then plan everything, right from party food, décor, invitations, party games accordingly.
The themes for birthday parties should be such that they reflect the personality or likings of the birthday boy/girl. Besides this, the themes should offer the guests a unique, thrilling and fun experience. Need some creative ideas for the perfect theme to choose? Read on to know some great ideas on the same.

Hollywood Theme

If you are looking for some cool birthday themes for adults, then this one fits the bill perfectly. Hollywood stands for everything that is glamorous and glitzy, so your birthday invitations, food, decorations, etc. should convey the same message.
To spice it up even more, why not plan an Oscar awards night, wherein everybody comes dressed as their favorite celebrity.
To make the party more fun, arrange for a photographer and a red carpet where the guests can actually have their photographs taken while entering the birthday party venue in true Hollywood style.

Hippies Theme

Another fun theme is a hippies' night. For a hippies' birthday party, the music needs to be all about the "rock and roll" as it will serve as a reminiscent of the era when the hippies movement was at its peak.
As far as party decorations are concerned, do something unique by including lots of banners on which social messages have been written.
Make it compulsory for everyone coming to the party to come dressed as a hippie, complete with a headband, bell bottoms, mini skirts and go-go glasses.
And most importantly, the mainstay of a hippie party―alcohol. See to it that nobody is ever left with an empty glass in his or her hand by stacking a variety of drinks, be it whiskey, beer, or vodka.

Birthday Boy/Girl Theme

If you are organizing the birthday party for someone close to you and want to make their day special, then one of the best adults birthday themes for such a party would be the birthday boy or girl themselves.
Invitations for party should go to all the close friends of the birthday boy/girl right from their school days to the present day.
A unique birthday party idea is to ask the invitees for some old photographs that they might have of the birthday boy/girl, make a collage using them to decorate the party venue.
To make the day really special for them, you can ask each of the invitees to come forward and share some of the experiences which they have had with the birthday boy/girl. Indeed, such themes are a great way to tell them how much they are valued and appreciated.

Wine Tasting Theme

Planning a sophisticated party? If yes, go with the wine tasting theme. For this party, you will need to arrange for some good quality wines of a number of varieties. You can even ask the invitees to get a bottle of their favorite wine along while coming for the party.
Organize such a party if you have a lavish budget, because everything from the decorations, cutlery, table cloths and the venue should look very classy. The party food can include things like a variety of cheese and breads and some filling appetizers.
Play some classical or soft music in the background which perfectly compliments this classy theme.

Other Themes

Here are some other themes that you can look into:
  • Disco Fever Party
  • Hawaiian Theme Party
  • Tropical Theme Party
  • Rock and Roll Party
  • Arabian Nights Party
  • Spring Party Theme
  • Sports Party Theme
  • Country Western Party Theme
  • Futuristic Party
  • Fortune Telling Party
  • Egyptian/Japanese/Greek Theme Party
  • Safari Theme Party
  • Las Vegas Theme
  • Chinese New Year Party
  • Summer Party Themes
  • Reality TV Theme Party
  • Beach Party
  • Spa Party
  • Pool Party
Each of these themes, if planned well, is sure to make the birthday party a big hit among your guests. So, without wasting any more time, start your party planning, using any of these birthday themes.