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Cute and Affectionate Birthday Wishes for Your Lovely Sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister
She is the one who stands by you against all odds, she is the angel in disguise and she definitely deserves an acknowledgment. Make her birthday special by expressing just how much she means to you in these few words.
Ratnashri Dutta
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
She is your shoulder when you are low, she is your partner in crime when you want to play mischief. She is your confidante, who knows how to shield you when needed. She is your playmate and your toy, your companion always.

She can make you laugh out loud when you are down or she can make you cry in sheer exasperation. You can fight with her to your hearts content yet at the end of the day you're sure to be lost without her. She is your sister dearest and we all know she is the one you'd run to in times of distress.

There's a different joy, a different feeling that encompasses having a sister close at hand. You can love and hate her at the same time, but like me, you're sure to find a friend in her forever.
Unique Birthday Quotes for Sister
It sure is tough to put one's thoughts on paper, especially when it comes to conveying emotions. And struggle as we might, words might never be enough to tell her just how special she really is. Nevertheless, here are some words you can use...
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✿ Bring out the cakes and light up the candles,
Pour out the wine, for my baby sister is turning twenty-nine.
Happy Birthday darling sister! ✿

✿ All the days of running in the rain, and those days spent in the sun wouldn't have been any better without you my darling sister. Wishing you many more wonderful days and memories.
Happy Birthday dearest sister! ✿
✿ Here's a wish that's just for You, and I hope it comes true
May you have a day filled with love and with loads of presents too
'Cause a sister so dear deserves every bit of happiness one can find
Wishing you a Happy Birthday my dearest! ✿
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✿ Through tears and laughter and your sisterly hugs and kisses...
I've watched you grow into a pretty princess...
Writing these lines to wish Happy Birthday to an amazing sister like you.✿

✿ I asked God to give me a playmate, He gave me you instead
And believe me, I couldn't complain 'cause, He gave me the Best
Happy Birthday Kiddo! ✿

✿ Sister dear, you mean the world to me,
And I wish you nothing but the best today and always.
Wish you the best of friends, family and love on your birthday.✿
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✿ You are special that's no doubt, that's why you deserve nothing but the best
On your special day, let me just say, how thrilled I am to share your company.
Happy Birthday Babes! ✿

✿ Sisters share a special kind of freedom, freedom to share their innermost thoughts, freedom to ask favors, freedom to show their true feelings and simply be themselves.
Wish you my sweet sister, a very Happy Birthday! ✿
✿ Together we fought and cried, together we laughed and shared joys,
Those simple moments of joy are etched in my mind forever
Truly, it would never be possible without you
A Happy Birthday to you my angel. ✿
Give her a big bear hug, tell her how much you love her. Guess, that along with these words, should suffice to make her day extra special.
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