Cake Toppers for a 50th Birthday

Looking for Cake Toppers for a 50th Birthday? We Have Great Ideas

A cake for a 50th birthday might look really incomplete with the right cake topper. Well, if you are unable to think of some interesting cake toppers for this grand occasion, then the following sections will help you with the same. Find ideas on simple, funny and perfect cake toppers for a 50th birthday party!
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
While you organize a milestone birthday party, cake is definitely the center of attention. Well, what can be a better occasion to decorate this cake with some really cool and creative cake toppers? A cake topper can turn the simplest cake into a piece that is perfectly suitable for the occasion. So before you order the cake for a 50th birthday party, make sure that you choose the right topper for gracing the same. Wondering what can be the suitable cake toppers for a 50th birthday? Well, just move on to get a few interesting ideas about the same.

Go Golden

While you celebrate the 50th birthday, golden color can't be missed out. I am sure that golden is everywhere, from the decorations till the gift packaging, so why not add it to the topper as well? Now you can think of having a design consisting of bunch of balloons which are finished in glittery golden colors or a bunch of golden roses. Another idea is to add golden stars to this bunch. If it is a woman celebrating her 50th birthday, you can also add a few dark magenta pink colored stars to the bunch. Make sure that the base design is complementing the glittery toppers well. A simple, but attractive topper is the shape of number '50' placed vertically or horizontally on the cake. Well, you can have it in desired style and size and completely finished in golden color. Again, jazzing up this topper by adding a few studs is a nice way to give it a feminine touch.

Pick for Them

A topper that is specially designed for the birthday boy/girl is definitely going to be the best amongst the lot, right? So all you need to do is pick a topper according to the hobby, likes or personality of the birthday boy/girl. If the lady entering her fifties is a perfect fashionista, why not add a stylish golden stiletto as a topper? Or you can also add a miniature of a lady dressed in a sexy red outfit! You can add a baseball for the man who is a great fan of baseball and golf set topper for the golf player. A golf ball and stick or a miniature golfer is a wonderful topper for a golf lover. A bike or a miniature biker, both make perfect toppers for the automobile lover and fast rider.

Make it Funny

A funny topper definitely gets the maximum points. While you search for the gag gifts and funny messages for wishing the person celebrating his/her 50th birthday, why not spice up the icing with some funny toppers? You can add some medical devices like walkers, false teeth, medication bottles, hospital beds, a wheelchair, etc. A miniature of old man/ woman with large spectacles who is sitting on a recliner can make one of the wonderful and funny toppers.

Well, cake toppers can be the real fun part of this 50th birthday party. You can choose a mix of toppers depending upon the size of birthday cake. The two or three tier cakes offer you much more space and hence, many options to place toppers. You can order a cake online from websites which offers a number of creative and funny toppers. Make sure that you don't forget to order the right flavor while zeroing in on the cake and cake toppers. Explore your creativity and think out of the box to have a cake that offers a tasty cream and creative icing for this special occasion. All the best!
Golf ball and tee peg
Bunch of golden balloons