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Uncontrollably Exciting Ideas for a Car Party

Mayuri Kulkarni Mar 12, 2019
Car-themed parties are becoming increasingly popular. This theme is especially great for boys aged 10 and under. Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan the perfect party.
Kids' birthday parties need some special and unique ideas, since traditional parties can be quite boring for them. A car theme is perfect for kids who are crazy about vehicles. All the elements of the party, including the invitations, food, favors, and decorations, should reflect the theme.
Racecar-themed parties are a hit among kids, especially with boys aged 10 and below. You can have various themes, like a monster truck theme or a theme based on the animated movie Cars.


The invitation cards can be in the shape of a license plate, checkered flag, wheel, or your kid's favorite type of car. It can also be designed to look like a race ticket. You can download the invitation templates from a website or prepare them yourself. Try to use innovative wording, for example:
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
Race on over for (birthday boy or girl's name) 7th birthday.
Location at (your last name), speedway at (venue).
Join the race team by calling: (your contact number)
Calling driver (name of the guest)
Get into gear and race over to my 5th birthday!
Pit stop: (address of the venue)
Race time: (time of the party)
Race Marshall contact: (your contact number)


Decorating the venue is sure going to be fun. Speed tracks, checkered flags, and toy cars are some important supplies that you will require. Since a car theme is very popular, you will easily get the supplies at a craft store.
Use checkered tablecloths to cover the tables and other open flat spaces, and place checkered flags all over the venue. A chair made with tires stuffed with pillows is great to have around. Stick and hang various car posters and also place some orange traffic cones in the area.
Prepare large cut outs from cardboard and write "Caution, Party Ahead" and "Welcome Race Fans". These signs can spice up the venue. Create a pit stop near the area where the food will be served. Get supplies like plates, glasses, and containers with pictures of cars on them.

Food Ideas

The birthday cake can be car-shaped or decorated with an entire race track. Many bakeries have car-themed cakes due to their growing popularity, so finding one will not be difficult.
Prepare homemade cookies by using car and truck-shaped cookie cutters. You can also use these cookie cutters to make car-shaped sandwiches. You can serve wheel-shaped chips and candies in the dump section of toy trucks (ensure that you clean them first).
If you are serving cupcakes, have checkered icing or red, green, yellow colored icing representing a traffic signal on them.
Donuts, hamburgers, sandwiches, chips, etc. are some of the foods that can be served.


Children's birthday parties are incomplete without games and activities. Hang a car-shaped piƱata in the center of the room, fill the it with car-shaped candies and chocolates.
You can have a craft activity where the kids prepare things like origami cars to take home. You can provide plain cardboard car cut outs and ask the kids to paint them. If you have a large outdoor space, you can even have a running race.