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Creative Birthday Gifts

Girija Shinde Mar 12, 2019
If you are in search of some creative birthday gifts for your loved ones, then we will help with some unique ideas that they are sure to treasure.
Whenever any of our beloved's birthday comes near, the thought of creative gifts starts haunting us. Interestingly, there are actually stages of this thought process. When we first realize that the day is coming near, we go blank. However, it is always better if we start observing the person's likes and dislikes
After the tedious work of days, we finally come up with some unique ideas. We become very glad with ourselves, only until we find out that the same thing was gifted by his/her best friend on the earlier birthday itself. You would naturally get disappointed. Here are some ideas which are unique and creative.

Gag Gifts

A T-shirt or a bunch of roses are obviously not creative choices. For creativity, you need to think a bit out of the box. One generally selects those things that are used by the person, but for a change, why not choose something hilarious for them. There are loads of gag presents available in the market.
You can choose any in accordance to the age and gender of the person. For example, you could get a 'I usually forget this bag wherever I go', bag to give your dad or a big gummy bear for your girlfriend having a sweet tooth pang. However, make sure that whatever present you select, does not hurt their feelings.

Homemade Gifts

The presents that are found in the market might not be totally creative, as someone or the other has obviously gifted them before you. So to avoid this, create or make one yourself.
This could be anything from a poetic love letter to your girlfriend or the ten reasons why I love you poster for your boyfriend. Homemade ones have a personal touch, which no ready-made gift can compete to. For your girlfriend, you can also make a simple birthstone necklace. She will surely be impressed by your memory.
Make your beloved smile with simple homemade meal, consisting not of exotic food but of the foods that we loved during childhood like cookies, candies, bread and jam, and finger sandwiches.
Keep a photo album of the childhood photos of the birthday star along with the foodstuffs. It will be loved by your beloved, especially if its for your boyfriend or dad.

Personalized Gifts

Another option for creativity is to give something personalized. Personalized presents automatically become unique, as they are created by you.
There are many things that can be personalized, like, unique coffee mugs. There are so many unique mugs in the market that you actually do not need to personalize them, like the ones which can store videos or the ones which displays pictures only when something hot is poured into.
So, get this kind of a mug and put a unique message on top of it. The message can be funny, naughty, or sweet depending on your relationship. Another thing that can be personalized is, T-shirts. You'll find so many messages that you can easily cover the whole T-shirt with it.
However, take only an idea from those messages and create your own. A surprise trip to Disneyland for your girlfriend, is also a creative idea.
These were just the generalized gifts, you can add your creativity and come up with something completely unique. After all, only you know what will be considered unique by your loved ones.