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Cute Ideas for First Birthday Invitations

Poushali Ganguly Sep 29, 2018
First birthdays are always special and there is a reason to celebrate them. Here we discuss the ways of creating invitations for this very special occasion.
Birthdays are very special and if it is your child's first, then that is one thing that parents want to go perfect without any flaws. From invitation to the favors, everything is provided proper detailing and research.
The guest list consists of all those people who matter and care. So, when they are invited, the invitation should have something that touches the heart of all. Here, we would discuss some ideas for the same, which would make this special occasion even more memorable.

Simple Cards

Before knowing the ideas, here are some pointers that are to be followed with all the designs that you choose for your child's birthday invitation.
Let us start with the elemental idea of sending a plain invitation card with the date, venue, and the occasion. In this case, you can use words that are special and significant for the occasion like a little rhyme, which might include the child's or the invitee's name.

Photo Cards

If you want to personalize a little more, you can get the baby's picture on the card with the message on it.
You can also try to find out the old pictures of the baby with the respective guests, if you have any. This idea would take you some searching across the old photographs, but then it is worth the smile that your guests would have on their faces as they open the envelope.
There is another very innovative way of doing it, which would be highlighting the theme through the picture of the baby. This can be done by merging the two photographs; for instance, the baby holding Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or playing among the mermaids. Many such themes can be incorporated in the invitation card to make it more interesting.

Keepsake Cards

If you want the card to be a keepsake, then you can certainly get it made in the form , of a bookmark or a paper holder, which can be used by the guests later. Other innovative idea would be of getting the baby's picture in a key chain and sending a scroll of paper with it, stating the date and venue of the birthday party.
You can have a magnet attached to the back of this card, so that it can be stuck to the fridge as a reminder, or if it is meant to be a keepsake, you can add some other pictures and images.

Handmade Cards by the Kid

You can send invitation cards that would have the hand and foot imprints of the baby.
The guests who receive the card would be touched by the gesture, and this would also be the kid's participation in the arrangements of his first birthday party. Instead of imprints, you can also add a drawing made by the child, which would be a keepsake for uncles, aunts, and grandparents.