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50th Birthday Cakes for Women: Funny Themes to Choose From

Funny 50th Birthday Cakes for Women
No matter how old you turn, cakes make the party fun and enjoyable. Find some funny 50th birthday cakes for women mentioned in the article below, just for you.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Happy Birthday
The 50th year of any woman's life is when she finally realizes that she either has or has not, accomplished 3 of those things which she planned when she was 25. It is the threshold in your life when you look back and remember your crazy adolescence, responsible youth years and hardworking adulthood, striving to prove yourself. But when you reach 50 years of age, all you have to plan is where and when to take a vacation!
If you have a wonderful woman in your family or friends circle who is approaching this age, well, she definitely deserves a great birthday. As cakes are one of the best expressions during birthdays, you have to make a 50th birthday cake fun and interesting. So, to help you come up with some great and funny 50th birthday cakes for women, we have put together a few ideas in the paragraphs below. Take a look.
Funny 50th Birthday Cake Ideas for Women
There are many great sides to turning 50! You get a huge party on your birthday, lots of gifts, and of course the biggest cake that you have never had for your earlier birthdays. Adding an element of humor to the cakes along with brilliant colors is quite an old tradition. Cakes are made funny with either some funny quotes or names iced on them, prepared in unique shapes, using hilarious cake toppers or simply with a funny face frosted on them. In the paragraphs coming up, you will find a few cake decoration ideas that will not only make the party enjoyable but also make the birthday girl herself laugh out loud!
Cakes With Script
You could have funny sayings, nicknames, or any other script written on the top of the cake. Even though this is a very basic idea of decoration, it can add a humorous touch to the cake in a simple manner. This idea also works for every type of cake, irrespective of the shape, size, color and design as all you have to do is use colored icing sugar to write the desired on the surface of the cake. A few funny quotes are mentioned here, choose the ones you like;
  • Hi ho, Hi ho, it's over the hill you go!
  • 50! I think you should demand a recount.
  • Inside every 50 year old is a younger person wondering, "What the hell just happened?"
  • Happy 50th Birthday. Let's crack open a bottle of prune juice.
Shaped Cakes
Along with the funny quotes and sayings written on the cakes, if you have a great shape to the cake, won't it be more enjoyable? You can make these cakes interesting by using shapes of symbols for their professions such as; a chalkboard/textbooks (if she's been a teacher), a musical instrument (if she teaches music), a laptop (if she works for a corporate), etc. These are very thoughtful shapes which can be made into any sizes, using various colors and designs. 5 tiered cakes with women sitting on each holding a "10" is also a great idea.
'50' Theme Cakes
The last but surely not the least are the cakes that have "50" expressed in various creative ways. There are many different ideas to add the number "50" to the cake and you can do it by using alphabets, numbers, cake toppers, or cake decorations such as candies, chocolates or gummy bears. One of the most common ideas of expressing this number is to make 50 decorated cupcakes and place them on the stand. If not cupcakes, you can make cakes in the shape of cans of bear, diet coke, fruit juice or any other of her favorite drink and place them in the form of a tier cake. Adding 50 of her favorite things such as; picture of actors, cartoons, magazines, favorite food, accessories, and other belongings, can also be a brilliant one as a cake topper.
I hope you have found the perfect cake idea you were looking for! Give her such a birthday cake that she can cherish it for all her coming years and remember her big "5" and "0" as the best of all.
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